The Good Shepherd Project

The goal of this project was to recognise and celebrate that we are a member of the church school family that is part of the Gloucester Diocese. It aimed to:

  •  inspire creativity in schools linked to the LIFE vision
  • inspire engaging Collective Worship
  • Create a sense of community
  • Create a sense of fun.

God is often described as a shepherd - the sheep was chosen to remind schools that they are all part of God's wider family.

Joining us in Worship

The Open the Book team were in this week and Baabaara took a lead role in bringing this weeks story alive!

Where's BaaBaara?

In our Year 1 and 2 class Baabaara had a maaaaarvellous time reading for pleasure. She particularly enjoyed being read to and took a real fancy to the Where's Wally book so we created a special version for her!

Learning digraphs in phonics.

Baabaara found phonics a real challenge! She's really mastered maaaaa and baaaa but other vowel sounds were really dfficulty. But like all of at Stone she didn't give up - she learnt by trying again and again and eventually she suceeded! faaaaaarm!