Ofsted Report

Stone School received an excellent report following our last OFSTED Inspection and Section 23 Church Inspection in July 2009. The school was classed as an outstanding school where pupils are valued.  The report states -

  • Stone with Woodford is an outstanding school; it is indeed a harmonious place where the quality of education and care is of a high calibre. All at this small community are working exceptionally hard to do the best for the pupils. As a result, pupils flourish and their personal development is outstanding.
  • Achievement across the school is good. The children get off to a promising start in Reception where all make at least good progress because of energetic teaching and meticulous care. This good progress continues across Key Stages 1 and 2 and pupils attain above average standards in all subjects by the time they leave. Pupils with learning difficulties and/ordisabilities achieve exceptionally well because of the first-rate attention they receive.
  • Relationships between the adults and the children are admirable. This ensures exemplary behaviour.
  • Teaching is consistently good; on occasions, it is inspirational. Consequently, the pupils respond enthusiastically, concentrate well and work hard.
  • The curriculum is a special jewel in the school’s crown. Every effort is made to provide the children with practical, motivating experiences that stimulate their thirst for learning.
  • Excellent links are made between subject areas; the international
    learning adds an impressive dimension.
  • For a small school, there is a remarkable range of visits and clubs on offer which the pupils, parents and carers appreciate.

A full copy of our latest Ofsted Report can be found by clicking the link below.


Link: Ofsted