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The Role of the Governors

The governors are responsible for the general running of the School and for ensuring the National Curriculum is taught in accordance with current legislation. They are responsible for the recruitment of staff, for use of the building and for prudent financial management of the school. To discharge these duties they are helped by staff at Gloucestershire Shire Hall.

The Governing Body is made up from a mix of dedicated local people among whom are representatives of parents, members of the church, community, local government, and the staff. The Headteacher is a governor and is responsible for the day to day running of the school in line with the agreed policies drawn up by the Governing Body.

Foundation Governors are appointed by the church to bring to the Governing Body an informed regard for the nature of the school to ensure that its Christian ethos is preserved and developed and religious education and collective worship reflect the spirit of the Trust Deed.

Governors meetings are held twice each term and a number of sub-committees meet in between to deal with specific aspects of school life. Minutes of these meetings are available for parents to read in a folder in the entrance hall.

They publish an Annual Report in the Summer term, a copy of which is sent to all parents, followed by an opportunity for parents to discuss the contents of the report.
Parents are encouraged to attend - advance notice is given - it is an opportunity to hear at first hand, and to question, the policies of the school, and to celebrate its achievements.