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Vision Statement

“We aim to educate all children for life”

Strategic aim:

To create a School that educates all children for life by providing them with sustainable, outstanding learning opportunities where children are confident, encouraged to reflect, ask questions and to take initiative.

In our School, alongside the teaching of the essential skills of literacy, numeracy and ICT, children will develop a knowledge and understanding of the world in which they live. Closely linked to these studies, children will learn about their role in society and how to be good citizens. They will be encouraged to develop healthy lifestyles. There will be opportunities to explore issues and form their own opinions. They will learn the need to respect and care for others, themselves and their environment.

We will teach the Christian values of honesty, friendship, responsibility, perseverance, forgiveness and trust, to help children to make good choices about their lives. These values will be used to develop good moral attitudes and provide children with the opportunity to reflect on life and spiritual dimensions.

Principal Objectives of Stone-with-Woodford C. of E. Primary School

We aim to make our School a caring and happy place where all children will:

  • Be taught the Christian values which underpin our school
  • Develop basic skills and a positive attitude to learning.
  • Have raised expectations, aspirations, standards and achievements
  • Receive a broad, balanced and relevant curriculum where first hand experiences and exploration are fundamental and creativity is promoted and valued.
  • Be challenged and stimulated through well planned high quality teaching and effective use of resources
  • Have opportunities to develop creativity and express themselves through a variety of media
  • Work collaboratively and independently, build on their successes and have high expectations of themselves.
  • Show care and respect for themselves, others, their school and their environment.
  • Grow in self-esteem and confidence and develop high standards of behaviour.
  • By providing these experiences within a Christian framework we will ensure that all children have the opportunity to develop their own personal spirituality and moral attitudes.






We aim to make our School a caring and happy place where all staff will:

  • Plan learning opportunities which will support the School’s aims for all children.
  • Create a positive, safe and secure environment which will enable all children to learn and develop confidence.
  • Work collaboratively and share expertise with colleagues in school and within the cluster with the aim of improving achievement, aspirations and expectations
  • Regularly and systematically monitor the progress of all learners and identify strategies for intervention where required
  • Evaluate their own work and contribute to the self-evaluation of the school to raise standards and achievement.
  • Embrace feedback relating to their own standards of teaching and pupil engagement to improve the standards and achievement.
  • Provide feedback to parents and carers and set achievable targets for learners
  • Embrace and take part in educational initiatives to ensure improved outcomes for children
  • Act as role models in this community in promoting the Christian values that underpin our Academy
  • Take initiatives and be proactive in their own professional development to enable them to be innovative and developmental

We aim to make our School a caring and happy place where leadership will:

  • Uphold the Christian values which underpin our school
  • Plan for, monitor and evaluate the curriculum to ensure children have the skills, knowledge, confidence and positive attitudes ready for the next phase of their learning.
  • Ensure that best quality teaching is available for all children within the resources available.
  • Regularly monitor the quality of teaching across the school using the established appraisal and performance review system
  • Create a school where children and staff are safe and are aware of how to keep themselves and others safe.
  • Regularly evaluate the schools performance, our values and learning environment and draw up action plans to improve and set challenging targets.
  • Keep up-to-date with changes in education development and work with others to provide professional development to enable this.
  • Monitor provision and progress towards targets across the year and endeavour to ensure children and staff receive appropriate support.
  • Work with other schools to ensure the best provision possible for the children within our community.
  • Develop links with our local community and explore and initiate opportunities to develop links further afield