Cam and Dursley Schools Partnership Launch 

Following enthusiastic discussions and collaborations over several months, we are delighted to formally announce the launch of this partnership, formed by the schools of Cam Hopton, Rednock, Slimbridge and Stone with Woodford.

The partnership is built on the strong foundations of local community engagement combined with the shared vision to support the education and wellbeing of each student in our schools. We believe that working together will provide coherent pathways for our young people to progress and become the future citizens which will make our community flourish. 

This is an exciting initiative, fully supported by each school’s Governing body and their Head Teachers. Further updates about the partnership and what it can bring to your child, to you as parents/carers and to the community will be published in due course. 

Please look at the website of each of our schools for our shared commitment to success:


The Tyndale Cluster

This school is a partner in a group of six small rural primary schools in the South Gloucestershire area – The Tyndale Cluster. This enables us to share expertise and experience, and bid for further funding to purchase resources and training for staff, parents, governors and children. The Cluster helps us maintain and improve the quality of education delivered to our children within our own community by providing mutual support.
The Cluster organizes activities where pupils come together to work on a common project or topic.

The Schools in The Tyndale Cluster are

  • Coaley C .of E. Primary School,
  • Hillesley C .of E. Primary School,
  • Kingswood County Primary School,
  • North Nibley C .of E. Primary School,
  • Slimbridge County Primary School,
  • Stone-with-Woodford C .of E. Primary School.

Staff and governors from these schools meet regularly to develop and review curricular practice including schemes of work, and to discuss management issues particularly related to the small school. Some joint resources have been purchased and every school in the group has found considerable benefit from the association, which provides broader perspectives from a wider group of experienced professionals to every group member.

The Tyndale Cluster is part of the Stroud Association of Schools: Stroud Association of Schools - Home (