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Autumn Term

This term starts with 2 weeks of half days, then 2 weeks of 3 days of full time and 2 days of half days. We are spending time getting to know what it is like to be in big school, getting to know each other and build our new friendships, and to start our learning!



Our 7 Areas of Learning 

Communication and Language

Listening and Attention - we will be working hard to pay attention, concentrating and sitting nicely.

Understanding - following instructions, stories and ideas. 

Speaking - using language to imagine, organise and sequence thinking, introduce a storyline into their play. 




Number - recognising numerals to 10, counting objects, estimating, more and less.

Shape, Space and Measure - shape names, describing position, ordering things by length, height, weight, capacity, money. 


Reading - hearing and saying initial sounds in words, segmenting and blending, beginning to read simple words and sentences, enjoying books.

Writing - giving meaning to marks they make, using some clearly identifiable letters to communicate meaning, writing their own name, writing labels.

Expressive Arts and Design

Exploring and Using Media and Materials - building a repertoire of songs and dances, exploring sounds and colour and texture, constructing.

Being Imaginative - creating simple representations of people, events and things, introducing a storyline into play, playing alongside children who are enagaged in the same thing, playing cooperatively as a group. 

Understanding the World

People and Communities - showing interest in people's lives, remembering significant events, knowing what makes them similar and unique to others, enjoying joining in with family customs.

The World - commenting and questioning aspects of their familiar world, can talk about things they have seen such as plants, nature and animals, developing an understanding about growth, decay and changes over time.

Technology - knowing how to operate simple equipment, shows an interest in technological equipment, knowing information can come from computers, using ICT. 

Physical Development 

Moving and Handling - experimenting with different ways of moving, showing a preference for a dominant hand, using anticlockwise movements, forming recognisable letters, using and holding a pencil effectively.

Health and Self-Care - eating healthily, understanding about exercise and hygiene, understanding safety when tackling new challenges. 

Personal, Social and Emotional Development 

Making Relationships - can play in a group, conversations, explaining own understanding, taking steps to resolve conflicts, demonstrating friendly behaviour.

Self-confidence and Self-awareness - welcoming and valuing praise for what they have done, enjoying responsbility, confidently talking to other children, showing confidence when asking for help, describing themselves postively. 

Managing Feelings and Behaviour - being aware of their own feelings and knowing their words and actions can hurt other children's feelings, beginning to accept needs of others, tolerating delay, beginning to negotiate and solve problems without aggression, awareness of boundaries and behavioural expectations.