A Snowy Adventure

What a huge adventure years one and two had at the Snowdome in Tamworth. For many it was their first experience of significant real snow! After a long coach ride and a snack, the children kitted themselves up in warm clothes and spent time exploring the snow. Many were surprised just how cold and wet it actually was but this didn't seem to deter them at all. Some of the children decided to head straight for the mini tubing slope to explore how fast they could slide down a slope whilst others threw snowballs at the staff. It was lovely to see everyone laughing and enjoying themselves.

Exploring Snow

A number of children decided to explore the snow itself by lying down in it to make snow angels and they soon realised that they started to get cold fingers and toes. Questions were asked about what explorers needed to stop this fron happening to them in the Artic or Antartic.  

Facing our Fears

After lunch and a well earned bite to eat, the children spent the afternoon sledging either in a donut or on a mini plastic sledge. The slope was steeper this time and much longer and the children, once shown how to sit on the sledge, were off. Their confidence showed no bounds and many were soon steering there transport with expertise. There was much cheering and laughter. 

Supporting Each Other

When some of the children were less confident than others there was huge support and encouragement to help them overcome their fears. Because of this, by the end of the session, those children had gone all the way down the slope by themselves. All of the staff were incredibly proud of how the children behaved and how they were supportive, kind and caring as well as resillient. What a fab adventure was had by all!