All Things Roman.

Chestnut class had a fantastic trip to the Roman fort town of Caerleon. It was the furthest barracked town in Britain during the Roman Empire. The coach trip over the Second Severn Crossing, was as ever, exciting as the children thought it interesting that they were heading into another country. 

When they arrived, the children went to the Roman Legion Baths to see how the soldiers would have socialised and washed. They tried on helmets, explored objects that had been found on site such as coins, a shoe, mosaics and saw mock up items of the the communal latrine. They soon discovered that toilet roll was not used but a shared sponge on a stick! This caused lots of eww noises and laughter. They saw the tepidarium baths and how the baths water was kept warm. Under floor heating was used with slaves keeping the fire hot. Afterwards they headed into the National Roman Legion Museum where they discovered Roman games, coins, they compared old real Roman helmets to new mock up ones.They tried on the armour in the mock up barracks and realised just how heavy it was. Due to the recent wet weather, they weren't able to go into the amphitheatre but they did go and see the remains of the actual Roman barracks where they saw the soldiers quarters, the latrines the bread ovens and the living quarters of the leader of the army. They saw the amphitheatre from the lane and realised just how big it would have been.

One of the most fun things was when they found the genuine Roman oil lamps and wax tablets and saw how the ones they made were really quite a good replica.