Gardens to Inspire

The Autumn Term is well underway and it is lovely to have Miss Wright with us again.

This term, our school theme is about World War 2 and Chestnut Class have been busy researching into walled gardens and the secrets they held once the doors had been locked due to many gardeners being sent away to help with the war effort.

Using an old letter, written by an evacuee to his mother, about a garden he discovers behind a locked door, the children were inspired to make their own miniature gardens. They thought really carefully about what would be included in them and many have ponds, winding paths, trees, fences and statues. They even placed miniature pictures of themselves so that they could pretend to actually explore around their garden like the boy who wrote the letter would have done!

Chestnut Class are using these wonderful creations to help them learn the skills needed to write a clear set of instructions for someone else to follow. They are also discovering how to use description to bring a piece of narrative about a garden to life.