Welcome to the Autumn Term in Chestnut Class

The Autumn Term has started and everyone has settled in well and it is almost like they have always been with us. The children are enjoying the newly painted and sorted reading area and classroom. I am sure you would like to congratulate Miss Wright on her recent marriage and she will now be known as Mrs Baker. Ms Liddell is already having difficulty in remembering this but hopefully, with the children reminding her, she will remember this eventually. We have some amazing TAs and helpers in our class: Helen who will work mornings, Zoe who will work in the afternoons, Karen and we would like to welcome Tia who will be with the school daily apart from Thursday.

Mrs Baker and myself work part time and the days that we are in school will stay the same.

Ms Liddell is in Monday, Tuesday teaching and Wednesday morning for her senco role.

Mrs Baker is in Wedesday morning , all day Thursday and Friday.

We have a new PE teacher called Mr Smith who will take Chestnut on Tuesdays. He has settled in well and the children really respond well and look forward to his session.

We have started the term with a bang and have already been basing our work from a magnificent book called Lost Words. It is written by Robert Macfarlane with beautiful illustrations by Jackie Morris. From week 3 until Christmas, Chestnut will be looking at various topics under the school focus of Ancient Eygpt. We have chosen to start the topic with an exciting trip to Bristol Museum to have a workshop where the children can become archeologists and discover things from Ancient Eygpt and then look at the exhibition they have on life in Ancient Eygpt. Our next book will be Temple Cat.

English: As well as daily phonics and weekly spellings with our word of the week and phonic family of the week, we will base our writing on Lost Words for the first three weeks and then Temple Cat. The first book lends itself well to poetry, description and instructions, the second book lends itself well to our focus of how a story is written, with a beginning, middle and end. We will be focussing on handwriting, capital letters, full stops and making sure our writing is clear and has finger spaces to separate words.

Reading is a vital skill in life, for both pleasure and for understanding the world around us. Please remember to hear your child read five times per week for about 5-10 mins. It really does make all the difference to their fluency, helps them learn the meaning of new words and topics, and gives you time to snuggle up and share some quality time with your child. 

We will hear readers throughout the week and a guided reading group will take place in the class too. Watch this space for Chestnut's up and coming Library Friday! Once it is ready this will be a time where children can choose a book from the vast quantity of lovely books we have, and sign it out and take it home for a week and then once returned they will be able to choose another the following week. Mrs Baker and I are very excited about this and we will let you know when it is all set up and ready to go.

Each week a 'show and tell' box will go home and on Tuesdays that child will have the chance to talk about what they have put in their box to the rest of the class. This builds confidence in talking to others and it helps them with their speaking and listening skills too.

Maths: Throughout this term, we are making sure that the children are secure with writing numbers as both words and digits, counting accurately both forwards and backwards, understanding place value using concrete objects and representations, and being able to estimate where a number might sit on a number line, counting in 2s,5s and 10s and 3s. We will also be looking at addition and subtraction. Activities such as using concrete object games, songs, reasoning and problem solving will help them to make these skills secure. This will include a reasoning project for the year 2s and Stops for year 1.

There will also be Maths Passport which all children do throughout the school.

The Year 1 children will have their maths lessons with Miss Mallon and the Year Two children will have maths with the class teacher.

RE will focus on Creation and Thankfulness this half term.

Science will explore and investigate 'light and dark' through a variety of activities and experiments. 

On Tuesday afternoons the children will have PE so please make sure they have PE kit in school. Also, remember to label clothes so that items don't get lost when changing. Children are not allowed to wear earings or jewellery for safety reasons.

Our topic of Ancient Eygpt will underpin all our learning including Geography, History, Art, DT and Music.

We have already started this by looking at different places we will find the UK on maps and on a globe. We will  look at where the UK is positioned with Europe, learn about the continents and then look at where Egypt is compared with the UK. From this, we will discover similarities and differences between the countries. We will look at timelines starting from themselves and working back in time, as well as the differences and similarities in fashion, technology and toys. 

In Art will be looking at colour through our topic and we will be painting and doing some sculpture. During Music, we will be learning about the instruments and music from Eygpt and learning some traditional songs together with the aim of singing to an audience. The focus will be long and short sounds and recognising these in music. 

Homework will be given out each Friday and should be returned by Wednesday. 

On Friday 21 September there will be a PARENTS MEETING from 2.30 to give more detail about reading, phonics, spelling and maths etc... It is your opportunity to ask any questions you might have and to offer any time to help with reading or any other activities. We hope you are able to come.

Phew we think that is it for now!


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