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Useful Autumn Term Information

From the start of term until Christmas, Chestnut will be looking at various topics under the school focus about World War Two. We have chosen to base many of our learning activities around a Shirley Hughes book called the Lion and the Unicorn which is a story about an evacuee from London who is sent to large house and is left to explore the grounds by himself. He discovers a door and a large overgrown garden and the book explores his escapades and discoveries within this almost forgotten part of the house. 


English and Maths

English As well as daily phonics and weekly spellings with our word of the week and phonic family of the week we have based our writing around the discovery of the garden and all that is in there. The book lends itself well to our focus of using description to bring a story to life for the reader and how to write clear instructions. We will be focussing on capital letters, full stops and making sure our writing is clear and has finger spaces to separate words.

Reading is a vital skill in life so please remember to hear your child read five times a week for about 5-10 mins. It makes all of the difference to their fluency and helps them learn the meaning of new words and topics.

Maths Throughout this term we are making sure that the children are secure with both writing numbers as words and in digits, counting accurately both forwards and backwards, understanding place value using concrete objects and representations, being able to estimate where a number might sit on a number line, counting in twos, fives, tens and threes. We will also be looking at addition and subtraction. Activities such as using concrete objects games, songs, and problem solving will help to make these skills secure.

After half term, we will be introducing the year 2 children to an exciting reasoning project which will be assisting them to make judgements as to why something is either correct or incorrect and it will encourage them to discuss their ideas. The year 1s will be continuing with STOPS problem solving. 

Maths Passport has begun and this is instead of the Maths Challenge

What We Will Doing During The Afternoon

Each week the children will participate in science activities linked around the focus of electricity and Judaism and generosity is our focus in our RE this term.

On Monday afternoons the children will be split up into year groups and participate in a carousel of activities. These will include art where we will be exploring colour, a reading group where by the children can hear and see interesting books and ask and answer questions, and an Awe and Wonder activity which, weather dependent will take them outside to discover and learn about nature. 

The children will also have a music focus of the sounds around us and long and short sounds in songs.

History and Geography will be focused around the World War II theme and they will be looking at time lines starting from themselves and fashions and technology and going back in time to compare and contrast Miss Wright's and Miss Liddell's childhood and then people who were born during the war. They will look at where Britain is and find the capital cities in Britain and in Europe. 

The children have already had fun using the laptops this term and during this time they are learning all about algorythms and how to make something move around the screen by giving a set of instructions.

PE is on a Tuesday so please make sure they have their kit in school. Also, remember that the children aren't allowed to wear earrings or jewellery for safety reasons.