Bristol Museum

Ancient Eygptian Artefact Detectives at Bristol Museum.

Chestnut class started the year with an exciting trip to Bristol Museum. For some it was their first time in the magnificent building and there was lots of pointing at the box plane and at the patterned floor. Our aim was to experience what it might have been like to uncover treasures from Ancient Eygpt and learn how it is still done today. The children had a session where they had to dig for artefacts and then solve what real items were in a box and work out where it might have come from down the Nile.

Super Map Reading Skills!

After discovering how Eygptologists extracted artefacts from the tombs, the children used an old map of the Nile with five different sites marked on it where the different discoveries had been found by a local female Eygptologist. They had to work out what the group of objects were and where they had been discovered. They had to handle the objects carefully with special gloves on and they learned why. The children asked some really pertenant questions to help them solve the mystery. They were totally engaged and couldn't wait to learn and discover more. 

Looking at Real And Replica Artefacts of Ancient Eygpt.

After a lovely and well earned lunch, the children then had time to explore the Ancient Eygpt exhibits and draw and write about anything they had found interesting or what they had learned about in the discovery session. All of the children were so well behaved and were totally amazed by the exhibits. There were often sounds of glee when they had found the mirror or toys. The books were soon filled up with their memories and favourite exhibits.

Dinosaur Fact Finding.

We had many requests to visit the other exhibits in the museum so we explored the dinosaur area and the local area exhibit. The children, even though tired, enjoyed finding the animals from the Lost Words book and drawing pictures of the kingfisher, newt and adder. They were surpised by how small the kingfisher actually is and how large the heron is. They also enjoyed the ichtheosaurs and pleseosaurs. The final treat was looking into a traditional wooden horse drawn caravan and at the fossils and gem stone. Time had run out as the bus was waiting. Tired but happy, Chestnut Class left the museum and returned back to school.