Country Dancing 2019

Due to the success of the country dancing festival in the Forest of Dean last year, we (Mrs Murrin and Ms Liddell) have started the country dancing club in earnest so that we can return to Speech House with our team later on in June to strut our country dancing stuff! There were approximately 40 schools participating last year and there was a wonderful friendly and inclusive atmosphere even for the school from over the otherside of the Severn! New dances have been set and we are enjoying learning them with the children. It is open to everyone and we have a lovely mix of children from year 2 up to year 6. It is lovely to watch how the older ones are helpful towards our younger dancers, guiding them in the right direction if they aren't quite sure where to go yet. 

Keep an eye out for the dates and if you fancy a toe tapping time and are free, come and join us for a lovely evening in the Forest.