A Paralympian Visited And Inspired Us.


On Monday the 20th May 2019, a special visitor came to our school to talk about her journey to the Rio Olympics. Julie Rogers  talked a little about her journey into athletics and how the desire to keep fit led her to become a paralympian. She talked about her disability and how, with technology, she has been able to fulfill her dream of going to the Paralympic Games in Rio 2016. Julie had a very strong message about perseverence, hard work and above all not giving up if things don't go well at times because even Olympians and Paralympians have many times when they don't reach their personal best. She is now training very hard to be in the 2020 team in Tokyo! We wish her every success and look forward to seeing her when we watch it on the television.


Our Athletic Challenge!

Julie set Chestnut Class an athletic challenge and  mixed the class into teams. She explained that encouragement was important for everyone not just your team mates and the class rose to the challenge brilliantly, encouraging and cheering for their classmates. Each child had to jump up from squatting into a star jump ten times, bunny hop over a cone ten times, throw three bean bags into a hoop and then run back as fast as possible for the next person in their team to begin.

Olympic Style Participation.

The winning team was the first to finish and sit down. It was great fun and. everyone cheered each other on no matter which team they were in. Julie was very encouraging and on the second round the class jumped even higher, bunny hopped more quickly and more children were able to aim their bean bags into the hoop more accurately. Everyone really tried their best and had fun whilst being active. 

Questions And Then More Questions!

At the end of the session the class had so many questions for Julie and she very kindly answered them all! She also showed us how a walking blade and a running blade differed. Chestnut Class learnt that the running blade was designed to be like a cheetah's hind leg and that for it to sit securely there was a valve to press so suction would keep it in place. The walking leg had a knee hinge and really was only for walking. However Julie did tell us that she does more on it than she should so sometimes it squeaks!