Our Ride on a Double Decker Bus

Chestnut class were very excited to be going to Slimbridge Wetland Centre on a double decker bus. For many it was their first time on this type of bus and they thoroughly enjoyed sitting upstairs and seeing the views from the top deck.

The Expedition Hut Used to Count Bird Migration in Artic Russia

Once the children had learnt about winter migration and played games to find out the perils geese go through on their travels over 11 countries to get to the UK; they got to see inside a hut that the scientists live in during their time in Artic Russia. 

Parabolic Receivers/Sound Guns

After lunch the children had fun exploring sounds beyond their hearing range by using sound guns. These instruments magnify sound so that thy could hear birds feeding grain in the water and any insects in the hedges near by. They could even hear the teachers whisper their names from afar!

Feeding the Birds Up Close

Another highlight for the class was feeding the birds at close range. Some children decided to throw the seed down close to themselves and others tried to feed the birds from their own hands. They were careful not to use all of their seed quickly and were very calm when many birds came to be fed.