Our Visit to St Fagan's Museum of Welsh Life

For our class summer trip we drove over the Prince of Wales Suspension Bridge into Wales without needing our passports! The sun was shining and the bridge looked magnificent. The chiildren thought it was beautiful and some had never seen it before and it made the trip even more special. On arrival they had the joy of exploring the red house and seeing first hand how life was before electricity. They found the four poster bed curtains interesting and how small the rooms were for so many people.


Victorian Buildings

We visited a selection of Victorian buildings including a shop, an iron mongers, a row of terraced houses which showed what families might have had in their house, a tannery and a farm. The children noticed how dark they were and found many items which they had been shown in class. Some of these included candle sticks, a candlestick to take to bed, glass bottles with marbles inside, and a china dog and a moustache cup for the gentlemen. The children thoroughly enjoyed looking asked many interesting questions about each building. They were also surprised that children had to go to work if they were poor. 

The Toy Workshop

For an hour the children had a toy workshop where they were shown a variety of old toys and then had the chance to play with some. They discovered that the straw bee rattle would have had a real bee in it buzzing to make a noise for the baby! They also found out that the toys would have been hand made from items around the house and not bought in shops. The favourite toy they tried was the cup and ball and they really persevered to get the ball in the cup. It wasn't as easy as they first tought.

More Interesting Buildings 

After a well earned lunch stop, Chestnut class visited an iron age fort replica where they discovered what life might have been like three and a half thousand years ago. They particularly enjoyed seeing the round thatched roof and seeing the fire place in the middle of the room. They then visited the Victorian farm where they saw real animals such as pigs and cows. They returned to the coach shattered after lots of walking and exploring what life was during the Victorian Times and pre Victorian times. We all had a fantastic time and continued to talk about it on the way home.