Shrove Tuesday

In Chestnut Class we looked at the importance in the Christian Calendar of Lent and how it is a way that Christians remember Jesus' death and resurrection and how he made sacfrifices in the desert and refused the temptations that the devil offered him. They learned that Jesus said on many occasions in the wilderness that he would only serve God. 

They learned that Christians today often try and give up something during Lent and try and help others. They learned that the day before Lent is called Shrove Tuesday and this is a time when traditionally the larders, which would have eggs, flour and milk in them, would be emptied and pancakes made as a way of doing this. The children made pancakes, tossed them in a pan and then ate them with a traditional lemon and sugar topping. As a class they then discussed what they might give up for Lent and how they might help others. 

The Story of the Good Samaritan

Chestnut Class were learning about the story of the Good Samaritan through drama.They re-enacted the story and discussed how the samaritan showed compassion for a person who he was not supposed to help. They discussed that the gospel as told by Jesus teaches Christians to be compassionate towards everyone and show kindness.

Looking After Our World

Chestnut Class have been looking at how we can look after our world so that it and everything that God made can be kept safe. They thought about how people could help each other, how to care for the planet and how humans could reduse, reuse and recycle the things that they use so the planet can recover.