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Autumn Term

During Autumn term we will focus on settling into the classroom and getting used to the new routines. We will get to know one another through interactive team building activities and an exciting trip. 

Please find below the document for parents to help them with the routines and structures of the classroom for this year.


In English this term we are reading "The Lion and the Unicorn" by Shirley Hughes. The book about a child called Lennie who is evacuated from London in WWII. We are reading a few pages a week as a class and discussing the authors choices and the character's emotions.

We are writing in different styles in response to the pages we are reading. This means that one day we could be writing a diary entry as Lennie whilst he hides under the stairs, the next we are telling the story of zooming across the countryside as we are evacuated from London!

Maths Lessons

During Maths this term we are focusing on our understanding of place value, numbers and sequences. We are using concrete apparatus to help us visualise numbers and the changes that happen when you add and subtract tens and hundreds.

Later on this term, we will be moving on to column addition and subtraction.

Throughout this term we will be starting to learn some of our times tables. We are trying lots of different methods, such as repetition, flashcards, board games and even songs! The focus for the first term is the 2 and 3 times tables fluent up to 12x.


This term, up until Christmas, our topic is World War 2. So far, we have gone a class trip to experience what it was like for children in WWII when they were evacuated from the cities like London and Bristol. 

We have been lucky to have visiting student teachers from Bristol University come in and give us two amazing experience days. We have learnt about rationing, cooking, make-do and mend, the Blitz, air raid shelters and propaganda. We will continue learning about these important themes throughout our topic.


In science this term we are looking at electricity. We will be discovering what it takes to generate electricity, how electricity flows through wires, how to make a working electric circuit and to understand the symbols that represent the components within a circuit.

Week of Inspirational Maths.

During the first week of term, we focused on Maths mindsets. We learnt that our brains are always growing and creating new pathways. Nobody is born with a maths brain, you just need to keep trying and you will find a way that fits you.

Blitz Experience

Today we listened to an air raid sound track within class. We thought about our emotions and what we could hear happening in the background of the recording. We then wrote a diary entry as Lennie as he hid under the stairs with his Mum during a Blitz air raid.

Experiencing the Land Army Life!

Today we got a first hand experience of the hard work the land army faced providing for all of Great Britain.