Oak Class

Welcome to Oak class!

We are a class of 28 year three and four students.

Our classroom has three members of staff;

Miss K Hall - Teacher

Jo - Classroom Assistant

Esther - Classroom Assistant

What are we up to this term..?

Class book

The Umbrella Mouse by Anna Fargher

This term we are reading the Umbrella Mouse by Anna Fargher. It is the daring story of Pip, an umbrella mouse, who loses her family during the bombing of London during the Blitz. She sets off to reunite with her long lost family in the umbrella museum in Italy. Along the way she meets many creatures, great and small, working tirelessly to assist the humans in the war against the Axis forces.

Class Topic

Letters and Diaries - 21st Century History

This term we are focused on learning about life in WWII.

We will be looking at life during the Blitz, what evacuations were like for children in WWII, life on the homefront, the role of women during the war, how messages were sent and received, the role of animals during the war as well as rationing and make do and mend.


Light and Sound

In our science lessons, we will be learning about light and sound. We will be discovering how they are made, how they travel and how we can keep ourselves safe.

We will be conducting fair tests and use our scientific skills to examine the results to help us draw conclusions to the questions we are asking.


How to Hindus celebrate festivals.

In RE with Mr Clements, we will be learning how Hindus worship and mark significant events and festivals. We will study the different Gods and how they are important to them. We will look at how Hindus worship at home as well as how they worship at the Mandir as well as the importance of the story of Rama and Sita and the festival of Diwali.