Previous adventures for Oak Class

Julie Rogers comes to Stone with Woodford C of E Primary School

On Monday, the 20th of May, Julie Rogers, a Paralympian for Great Britain came to school to share with us some of her training tips, goals and achievements. Each class went outside to complete an obstacle course that focused on some key athletic skills and allowed us to put her tips for SUCCESS into practice.

Squat Jumps

Here we had to perform squat jumps, 10 of them, as fast as we could. It was important that we remembered to bend all the way down and stretch up tall to work all of our muscles.

What was it like?

"It was hard work but I really enjoyed the challenge." Olivia

"I liked having my team cheering me on as I did the different challenges, it was fun." Frank

Side to side jumps

Here we had to jump, with our feet together, side to side over the cone ten times. We need good balance and control to make sure we didn't miss our spot or trip on the cone. We found it can be hard to count and jump at the same time!

Accuracy throw

Our final challenge was to throw 3 bean bags into the hoop as accurately as we could. Some of us were excellent at this whilst others improved as the challenge went on.

Race to the finish

After we returned our bean bags to the hoop, we raced back to join our teams!

Julie Rogers 

Julie brought in her running blade and explained how the prosthetic's pressure valve worked and how having the blade allowed her to run faster with more bounce. She was incredibly inspirational and talked to us about how sport had kept her healthy both physically and mentally as well as how she became a sprinter after competing as a volleyball player when she was younger.