World War Two Evacuation experience 2017

Our class went to Avon Valley Railway Station on Wednesday 20th September.


Here we experienced what it was like for children who were evacuated during WWII. We arrived, dressed in period clothing, ready with our gas masks. We went on a train journey before finding out all about the differences between our lives and the children that lived during the 1940s.

The Steam Train

We got to travel on steam train. Our engine was commissioned by the war department to evacuate the children from the cities. 

Rail Safety

We learnt how to be safe around and along railway lines. Whilst we were listening, the engine came of one end of the train to join to the other end so that we could return to the station!

Changing the engine around.

We were amazed to learn that the engine is attached using magnets and pressure. The conductor showed us the red lantern that had to be on the back of the train so that other trains could see it. The only problem was, that the back was now the front!

The train keys

We learnt that the train keys were huge and had large key rings so that people couldn't accidentally walk of with them. If they did, the train couldn't move!