Autumn Term 2021 Evacuation Trip

Our whole school topic this term is 'Letters and Diaries'. We are thinking specifically about what life was like during World War II.

We researched the clothing children wore during World War II. 

We all wore labels with our names, address and school, just as children did in 1940.

Steve Rowley, who is working with Willow class on an oral history project, joined us. We experienced an air raid in a mock shelter.

We experienced how people used stirrup pumps to extinguish fires created by incendiary bombs.

Everybody did their bit for the war effort, working together as a team.

In a mock schoolroom we examined artefacts from the wartime. 

We heard oral history from a woman who was evacuated twice during World War II. She told us about how life when evacuated differed from her life at home.

Travelling on a steam train was just how evacuees travelled from their homes in threatened zones to safer locations, away from the threat of bombs.

We tried to make our lunches include only food available during wartime. We wrapped our food in paper, rather than plastic.