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Willow Class

Have a look at what we learnt about during the autumn term.

What is water and why is it so important?

Willow class thought about what they would like to find out about water and came up with questions for us to answer.

We have learnt that water can exist in different states and how evaporation and condensation occur to change between these states. Our geography work has focussed on the journey of a river - from its source to its mouth. We are developing our geographical vocabulary as we discover the different features which can be found in the upper, middle and lower courses of a river and how and why they are formed. Visiting the waterfalls near Ystradfellte, in the Brecon Brecons, will give us the opportunity to see some of these features close up.

River Boy, by Tim Bowler, is our class novel this term. This moving story of the relationship between 15 year old Jess, who is a keen and proficient swimmer, and her elderly grandfather, is proving a hit.