Preparing for evacuation

As the Blitz hit the cities of Britain, school children were evacuated to the relative safety of the countryside. We took on the role of children during World War 2 and experienced this for ourselves.

Hitler will send no warning: have your gas mask with you at all times.

The children were fully prepared for the prospect of a gas attack - carrying their boxed gas masks with them at all times. A gas mask drill was carried out in class, to remind them of the correct procedure.  

Waiting for the steam train

Accompanied by their class and teachers, children waited on the platform feeling both anxious and excited by the adventure ahead of them.

Authentic packed lunches on the steam train

Lunch mainly consisted of: cheese, meat, fish paste or jam sandwiches; homemade cakes or biscuits and British grown fruit, which many of us brought in paper bags.

Will all evacuee children be homed? Will siblings be able to stay together?

Strong and hard working children were chosen to work on Jackie's farm and do her cleaning. Others were selected to help in Mrs McCalmont's post office. Some siblings got to stay together, whilst others were separated.


Visitors from UWE joined us in school and helped children experience an aid raid. An ARP made sure people knew what to do in an air raid and checked that no lights were seen during the blackout

Anderson Shelter

Our classroom shelter is beginning to take shape.