Indoor Athletics Competition

On Weds 16th November Willow Class participated in an indoor athletics competition with other local schools at KLB Secondary School.

Children competed in a range of field and track events including paarflouf, soft javelin, 2x2 laps, obstacle courses, bounce jumps and 4x4 events. 

When the competition began, the atmosphere was electric and the noise defeaning from all of the cheering. Children were trying their hardest to achieve the fastest time for their school and even the teachers had races to compete in.

All of the scores were tallied up and an overall winner was announced. This time Stone pupils were not the overall winners of the competition but the school's representatives certainly competed as a team; with spirit, enthusism and lots of laughter.

I felt incredibly privileged to have spent the afternoon with Willow Class watching them experience various track and field events, some of which they had not yet experienced, and really rising to the challenge to do their best.

Well done Willow Class. 

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