Viewpoint of the defendant

"Mock trials was a great experience and a fun way to recognise right and wrong. It made me buzz with excitement and nerves. I was the accused and it made me think about people in real courts who have to except and understand." 

The Role of the Usher

Our usher ensured the case ran smoothly.

What we learnt...

Mock trials taught us about: The Rule of Law, perspective, consequence, justice, morals and behaviour.

Proved Guilty, beyond reasonable doubt.

"Taking part in the mock trials competition taught me that, in Britain, a person has to be proved guilty beyond reasonable doubt." Ted

The Judges Words

Awarded (joint winner of) the Tony Howarth Shield for Outstanding Pupil.

Comments from the very experienced judges, who had never awarded a 10/10 before: "Absolutely knew her part as Charlie Foster. Answered difficult questions with confidence. Corrected prosecutors error regarding her bag."

Proud Winners of the 2nd Place Overall Shield

"Earning the second place shield, which we were very proud of, helped me and my classmates learn the laws and respect them." Jamie