Emma Carroll's brilliant novel, "Letters from the Lighthouse" will inspire us to write ourselves, including some writing about life in Britain during World War II. Our writing will be in many different forms, including stories and information writing. We will consider the purpose of our writing and match our style and layout to match this. 


Maths this term sees the revamping of our Maths Challenge to include a wider range of quick recall and quick calculating in the form of the Maths Passport Challenge. Children will work hard to improve the speed at which they can recall multiplication and division facts, numbers bonds of whole numbers and decimals and much more.

Daily maths lessons will develop understanding of place value, addition and subtraction, multiplication and division, statistics (graphs, reading timetables, parts of circles and finding the mean average) and measurement (perimeter, area and volume).


The Earth in Space is the fascinating topic for autumn term's science. Why is is sometimes day and sometimes night? Why does the sun appear to move across the sky each day? Why does the moon look different at different times of the month? What causes us to have seasons? 

We will investigate these, and other questions, and use models to help us understand what causes these phenomena.

This will then be followed by work on light., including how light travels and how shadows are formed.


World War II is the focus of our history studies throughout the autumn term. Looking at artefacts and sources of evidence will help us learn about the Home Front. A mock evacuation experience will enable us to imagine what it might have been like for children separated, for their own safety, from their families and friends. Through reading extracts from Ann Frank's diary and other historical sources, we will learn about the realities of life as a Jew during the war.


Judaism is the focus of our RE teaching this term. Visiting Cheltenham synagogue will enable us to hear about the Jewish way of life; we will learn about the importance of kindness and of spending time with family and friends - how these is at the heart of being a Jew.


Swimming and gym will be taught each week at Thornbury leisure centre, whilst coaching in school focuses on ball skills.


In school we will be  preparing for the largest school choir concert in the world- Young Voices! During the autumn term we will learn the songs and some moves which accompany them, ready for our trip to the Birmingham NEC in January. 

To practise the songs at home, paste this address into the address bar and use the links on this site:     http://www.malvern-wells.worcs.sch.uk/young-voices-2018/



Work by the renowned war artists Henry Moore and Paul Nash will be the inspiration for this term's art work. We will look at the atmosphere created by these artists' work and investigate the techniques they used. Our own work will incorporate ideas from what we find alongside our own interpretations.