Personal, Social and Health Education

Through PSHE, we aim to enable children to explore their emotions, relationships and how they change. Our school teaches all aspects of PSHE through the our scheme of work; we also use the Gloucestershire Healthy Living and Learning ‘Pink (People in the Know) Curriculum’. Opportunities for reflection and discussion on personal and social issues are provided in Circle Time. We also run events on health promotion, mental health, bullying, drug prevention and citizenship during the year. Sex Education is taught as part of Health Education and Science; parents are notified about our policy and content and have the option to view this and discuss this with school. The school promotes healthy eating.We recognise the importance of good mental health and strive to meet the needs of staff and pupils. We promote positive mindset for learning and challenge. We teach children the importance of resiliance and how much is learnt through mistakes. 


Intent: The intent of the PSHCE curriculum is to develop and build essential skills and attributes such as personal effectiveness (resilience, own values, healthy self-concept), interpersonal and social effectiveness (empathy, respect, employability, diversity), and managing risk and decision making (formulating questions, analysis, making decisions). These are taught through the core themes of Health and Wellbeing, Relationships and Living in the Wider World (economic wellbeing and being a responsible citizen).



Implementation: PSHCE lessons are taught through both explicit and implicit learning opportunities and relevant experiences which reflect children’s growth through the primary phase. It is taught within lessons, and also throughout the wider curriculum including worship, SMSC activities, visitors, trips, clubs and regular coaching circles.


Impact: We will measure impact through SMSC books, children’s behaviour, the online pupil survey, school council meetings and surveys, children’s evaluations and our school newsletter.

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