Hello all from us here at Stone. 


We wanted to make sure that whilst providing you with educational support and lessons, that we also could provide some support with the other parts of this difficult situation we all find ourselves in.

Right now, we are all experiencing something that is completely unknown, unplanned, and undeniably scary. This means we are all going to be experiencing a lot of different emotions, reactions and behaviours. Yep, all of us – this means us adults AND the children too.

We want to make sure that we have some tools in our toolkit to help when things feel a bit tricky for ourselves and for our children. This can range from; looking after our mental health and managing working from home; to talking to children about what is going on and tantrums (I’ve definitely had a few of these myself since lockdown. Cue stomping round the house because my last chocolate bar was eaten).

Down below, we will pop some links to some really helpful places with videos, ideas, and numbers to call.

We are all contactable on our school emails for any specific help with children in our classes, and of course we will do all we can to give advice or offer ideas.

Everything is very out of our control right now and sometimes just acknowledging that fact and noticing what sort of feelings and behaviours that it might be leading to without judging ourselves can be helpful.

You are the most important person in your children’s lives, and that means looking after yourselves as well as them. Keep up the amazing things you’ve been doing. Some days will be harder than others, and on those days we hope that some of the things here can be of some help.