Bring 2D Patterns to Life!

These next activities are based around pattern  and what I would call 'doodling'. It has a fancy name these days called 'zentangle' and anyone can do it because all you need is a pencil a piece of paper, a ruler and taking a look at my new art video which will show you what to do. You can research the art form on the internet for more ideas if you would like to.

The art video can be found at the bottom of the page.

The YouTube link for the video is:

Please take the time to have a look.

Activity 1

Draw a square approximately 10 cm by 10cm and do this 7 times. This could be in a line or separately. 

Look at the three artists I have included in the link below. These will give you some ideas on patterns and styles.

Now look at the video and have a go at one of the 2D patterns inside one of your squares. Have a go at as many of mine as you would like and then try to draw some of your own.

Once you have done these then look at the video again and watch how curved lines and a bit of shading can make them look less flat and more three dimensional.

Have a go yourselves and please send me in a photo of your creations so that I can put them on the website.

Activity 2

Draw around your hand and zentangle it. Create sections within the hand and be as creative as you can to produce your own designs.

Activity 3

Draw some circles on a page and try to zentangle patterns in nature. It could be a dragonfly's wing, ladybird spots, the veins in a leaf or the pattern bark makes on a tree. Remember to look closely to find the patterns. For help I have included some pictures of these to help you along your way.

File icon: docx Activity 1 Artists Who Use Pattern in Their Work. [docx 358KB] Click to download
Look at these artists and discover how they use pattern to create texture, depth and interest within their work. can you do this with yours?
File icon: docx Activity 3 Close Up Patterns in Nature [docx 1MB] Click to download
Use these to inspire your zentangle designs. Can you make them less flat by using some curved lines to define the shape and some shading?Have a go because practise makes perfect.
File icon: mp4 Turning 2D Pattern into a 3D Illusion [mp4 76MB] Click to download

Turning 2D Patterns into 3D Illusions.