Home Learning

Hello everyone! The last few days of home learning are here - please upload everything you do to Tapestry so we can keep in contact. 

As always, please email beech@stone-with-woodford.gloucs.sch.uk if you have any questions or problems.

Panda Bear, Panda Bear, What Do You See?

For the next 2 weeks, our book is Panda Bear, Panda Bear. Have a look at the read aloud video if you don't have a copy of the book.


  • Can you draw your favourite character from the story?
  • Why are they your favourite? 
  • Can you add any different characters to extend the story - for example Lion, Lion, what do you see?


Have a go at some Twits yoga and send some photos of your moves!


Mouth movements


- Show your child how to make different mouth movements (blowing, sucking, tongue stretching and wiggling, wide open mouth)

- Use a mirror to look at the mouth movement - can they copy your mouth movement into the mirror?


Voice Sounds


- Show your child how to make sounds with their voices.

(whee, boing, oh, ssss, shshsh, mmmooo, oooooo, chchchch, zzzz, and tick tock).



Sound story time


- Read a familiar story book (The Three Billy Goats Gruff etc) and change voice for different characters.  Use loud, quiet, soft, hard intonation.


  • Go on an Autumnal walk. Collect some leaves and put them into groups - big, small, round, pointy, brown, red. 
  • Play a game with a group of objects of your choice. Sort them into groups based on a rule (e.g. buttons with one hole, buttons with two holes). Can your child work out your rule? Repeat for different rules.
  • Play odd one out. Group four objects with one that doesn't fit. For example - three socks are short and one is long. Can your child spot the odd one out?


This week, we are focussing on kindness. 

Can your child pick someone close to them - a friend, a member of their family, a pet - and name 5 things that they like about them.