Home Learning

Hi everyone! Welcome to your first week of home learning in Reception!

Please find below your home learning for this week. Please upload all the things you are up to onto Tapestry so that we can see what great learning you are doing at home and can stay in touch.

As always, I am always at the end of an email (beech@stone-with-woodford.gloucs.sch.uk) for any questions or wonders!

Week focus

We are really focussing on sharing and following instructions this week.

  • Play a board game together and explain turn taking and how a game is still fun even if you lose.
  • Set some instructions for your child and see how many they can follow. Can they follow instructions with two parts e.g. First, wash your hands, then get the spoon.


Phase 1 Activities

  • Demonstrate using the body to make different sounds (clap hands, stamp feet, click fingers) Demonstrate using the body to make different sounds (clap hands, stamp feet, click fingers). See if you can perform a pattern and get your child to repeat it back to you.
  • Talk about the Pied Piper and see if you can play an instrument (pretend or real) and get your child to follow you round the house performing a different movement (walking/running/skipping etc).
  • Choose a body movement sound (stamping/clapping etc) to match an instrument and see if your child can follow a sequence. 


Have a go at following some yoga to move your body and your mind. 

Story Time

For the next two weeks, our book is We're Going on a Bear Hunt. See the video to share the story together if you don't have a copy at home. 


  • Can you make a different Story Setting with collage materials to add to where they go hunting?
  • Can you explore some materials like mud/grass/ice/water/twigs and re-tell the story together?
  • Can you do some fact finding with non-fiction books about bears or some research online?
  • Can you build a story box and re-tell the story to eachother?

We started drawing our story map today - this is a sequence of pictures that tells the story without words. We made up some actions to match the story too. For example, we waved our arms from side to side to show the long wavy grass.

Can you and your child draw your own story map of We're Going on a Bear Hunt and then make up your own actions. Film this and upload it to Tapestry. 


We are looking at matching this week in maths. 

  • Get your child to match things with patterns around your home. You can draw some ladybirds with different patterns on their back, use dominos, use different food packaging, and see if you can make them into pairs. 
  • Can your child spot a missing pair if you take one of them away?
  • Put some objects on the table/floor (beads/pasta/acorns etc) and see if your child can match the number of objects to the right written down number.

Name Writing

We are trying to get really good at writing and recognising our own names. Have a go at something like this.

- can they copy the letters?

- can they form them on their own?

- can they put the letters in the right order?

Remember, we don't want writing in capital letters - all lower case please (apart from the first letter of course!)