Week 11

I hope your gardens have been enjoying the rain this week! Once again, thanks to everyone engaging with the learning at home. Keep going! You're doing great and we are always inspired by the effort being put in by so many of you during this uncertain time. 

As always, if you need me, email me at beech@stone-with-woodford.gloucs.sch.uk with any questions or things you're not sure of.

Another Cat Problem

On Friday, I shared that the cats weren't in my story time because they were out getting soggy and then coming in and making my kitchen messy with their dirty paws. I wondered if you could help me with this problem? They've stopped pooing in my flowers because of all your wonderful signs, so I wondered if maybe you could help me with this.

Learning Project

The project this week aims to provide opportunities for your child to learn more about space. Learning may focus on our Solar System, the Sun and the Moon. It could look at life in outer space from the view of an astronaut and travelling through space.


Use junk modelling or craft items you have around your house to create your own rocket. Toilet roll tubes are a good starting point. You could have rocket races in the garden:

- Tie a string up at an angle or use the washing line.

- Blow up a balloon and sellotape it to your rocket. Hold the end of the balloon but do not tie it.

- Let the balloon go and watch your rocket fly!

Textured Planet

Work with your child to create a replica of a planet. You could papier mache a balloon, or colour, paint or stick bits of materials on to the card to create textured effects. This shaving foam paint technique (see picture) creates a great textured finish when dry. Simply spray shaving foam onto a plate and drop in food colouring or poster paint.

Explore Space Online

Support your child in looking at the Earth from space using the Google Earth programme and identifying simple features such as water.

Can you find your home? What does your child notice about the surrounding area?

Phone Home

Create a space phone with your child using items from around the home. Get them to practise forming numerals correctly to create the buttons.

Make a space phone-book to support roleplay. Ask your child to draw a picture of a different alien on each page and write a phone number for them.

Space Themed Picnic

Support your child to use tin foil to create shiny space suits for their teddies and dolls. They could have a space-themed teddy bear’s picnic afterwards where they share the biscuits in the next activity!

Make yummy star biscuits to share at the picnic. Click here http://saucepankids.com/recipe/simple-shortbread-biscuits/ to find instructions on how to support your child in making simple star biscuits. They could share them at their space themed teddy bear’s picnic

Mission X Astro Agility

Complete an agility course to improve movement skills, co-ordination, and speed. Record your speed and see if you can get faster with practise. See here. https://www.stem.org.uk/resources/elibrary/resource/449045/agility-astro-course-english#&gid=undefined&pid=1


Sign up and access all of the Mission X resources here. 






Visit Storytime from Space https://storytimefromspace.com/a-moon-of-my-own-2/ and let your child listen to the Story Time video of A Moon of My Own



Listen to a space themed online story, Aliens Love Underpants https://safeyoutube.net/w/ZYg6, Roaring Rockets https://safeyoutube.net/w/mZg6 and Whatever Next? https://safeyoutube.net/w/tZg6 Which is your favourite? Why?



Using the space stories as a starting point, ask your child to make up their own story about space. It could use the same characters or settings as one of the stories you have shared together.



Ask your child to draw a picture of one of the events from their made up space story. Can they explain what’s happening in the picture? Or, for more of a challenge, can they draw a book cover for their space story?



Visit Oxford Owl ebooks. Look at the picture book: ‘In the Sky’. Talk about the story together. What is happening on each page?






click on the link and complete the home learning activities.


Ask your child to make different rockets out of playdough or strips of paper. Can they make a long rocket? A short rocket? A thick rocket?



Your child can compare objects from around the house or outside. Ask them if the object is longer, the same length or shorter? Order the objects.



Work with your child to design a rocket using different 2D shapes. This could be done with 3D shapes if you have spare boxes and resources at home.



Ask your child to use Lego, blocks or cardboard boxes to build a tower that is the same height as them, taller than them and shorter than them.



Play the online game Let’s Compare. https://www.topmarks.co.uk/early-years/lets-compare

Following this, your child can sing the song Short or Tall. https://safeyoutube.net/w/Aah6






Play the online game ‘Picnic on Pluto’. https://www.phonicsplay.co.uk/resources/phase/2/picnic-on-pluto



Play ‘I Spy in Space’. ‘I spy, with my little eye, something beginning with t’



Write different sounds on paper (maybe re-use the sounds from a previous project). Put the sounds together to make different words only changing the initial sound e.g. t-i-n (tin), b-i-n (bin), ch-i-n (chin).



Your child can list things they would see in space that begin with the letters S, P, A,C & E. Then your child can practice writing these letters in space (in the air) using their finger or a pencil.



Play, ‘Pick a Picture’. https://www.phonicsplay.co.uk/resources/phase/2/pick-a-picture



Ask your child to draw their own alien and label it. CHALLENGE: Can they create a fact file for their alien using sentences? E.g. My alien lives on Mars.



Write an invitation to the alien to invite them to your very own space party.



Your child can draw out or write their own menu for an alien. What does an alien eat? Moon-burgers, star biscuits or fruit rockets. Click here for more ideas. https://www.pinterest.co.uk/lars0508/space-party-foods/



Task your child with designing their own spaceship. Can they describe how the machine would move and label it using verbs?



Ask your child to look up to the sky and down to the ground. Ask them to have a go at completing the sentence, I can see a..

Story Thoughts


When we share at story at school, we talk about our story thoughts.

This means we talk about 4 things:

  • something we like about the story - characters, things that happened, specific words, etc.
  • something we dislike about the story.
  • puzzles - something that made us wonder. We always start our sentence with "I wonder..." e.g. I wonder why Bob didn't notice the aliens.
  • connections - anything the story reminded us of e.g. "It reminded me of Red Riding Hood because there was a wolf" or "It reminded me of when we go to Cattle Country because of the big slides".

For each story you share with me, I'd love for you to pop some story thoughts up on the Padlet.


Just click on the add symbol, type your child's name and the story you're watching (or let them see if they can type) in the 'Title' section, then type your child's story thoughts in the box that says 'write something'. Once you've done that, click anywhere on the screen and it will pop your thought up. 

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