Home Learning for Children Who Are Isolating

Please find below your home learning for this week. Please upload all the things you are up to onto Tapestry so that we can see what great learning you are doing at home.

As always, I am always at the end of an email (beech@stone-with-woodford.gloucs.sch.uk) or you can call the school.


Week beginning September 21st 2020

This week we will be continuing to focus on the routine of the school day. Each day we look at our visual timetable with pictures to explain what is happening now and next. This week you could ask your child to help put your timetable in the correct order talking about what we do in the morning, what we do in the afternoon and what we are doing next. Remember to use key vocabulary such as now, then, next, after and finally. Remember to pop in some handwashing slots as we wash our hands after each activity. 

The children are getting very good at washing their hands and understanding the importance of this.  Here is a fun song that will help with this.


NHS Handwashing Song


This week, we are starting Phase 1 phonics. You will have received a reading and phonics newsletter in an email, but do look below if you need a reminder. 

File icon: doc Reception Class Reading Newsletter [doc 58KB] Click to download

Phase 1 

In Phase 1 phonics, we concentrate on developing children's speaking and listening skills and lay the foundations for the phonic work which starts in Phase 2. The emphasis during Phase 1 is to get children attuned to the sounds around them and ready to begin developing oral blending and segmenting skills.



  • Take your child on a listening walk. Can they close their eyes and spot any sounds they can hear? See if they can draw a picture of what they have heard and you can label it for them. 
  • Play the sound lotto game - https://youtu.be/h0Kp_J9kvNM  Print off or put up on a device the lotto matching cards and see if your child can match the sound to the card. Minimise the video so they can't see the reveal!
  • Drumming - see if you can drum around the house. Hear the difference in how things sound. Does the sofa sound the same when it is drummed as the table? 



Have a go at some Cosmic Kids yoga to get your body moving even if you can't leave the house. 

Story Time

This week, we are looking at the book Owl Babies. Watch the read aloud version here if you don't have the book yourselves and talk to your child about the story. Ask them how the owls might be feeling and if they have ever felt that way.

See if they can create an owl out of their handprint cutout and decorated.

Can they collect things from around the house to make their own story box - twigs, grass, worms(!)


This term in RE, we are covering 'Which stories are special and why?'

Talk to your child about what is their favourite story? What do they like about it and why? What was their favourite part? 


Can they find some fun places to read their favourite book?