We now have access to the Bug Club reading on the following site:


Here the children can find books to read at their level and it will also ask them relevant comprehension questions. If they answer the questions they will receive coins which can be used in the 'my rewards' section.

The tutorial I showed the class can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i5Desgtukp8

There is also a more detailed help section on the website: https://www.activelearnprimary.co.uk/help?c=student

Each child's login is as follows:

Username: First 4 letters of first name and surname, i.e. Lauren Bartlett = laurbart   If either name is shorter, use all letters i.e.  Kim McCalmont = kimmcca

Password: woodford17

School code: fhye

Any issues, please email Mrs Bartlett: chestnut2@stone-with-woodford.gloucs.sch.uk

Easter Bonnet Making and Fabulous Art Activity

Being at home won't stop Stone from having an Easter Bonnet Parade this year, not at all.

What we have decided is that it would be fun to make your bonnets at home with whatever you have available, take a photo and send it to Miss Liddell at:


Ms Liddell will then put them onto an Easter bonnet parade page for you to see everyone's creations.

Have fun and get creative.

Pure Easter Art. 

Download Rabbits and eggs from the link below and enjoy creating some modern art with your pens or pencils. 

Easter Egg Hunt -Maths Challenge

So for your Easter break maths challenge an Easter egg hunt has been made especially for you to find out what, we the teachers, have written. Solve the 20 clues on the eggs which will be hidden around your house or garden get a letter and then work out what we are wishing you. Simple really and hopefully good fun. There is one for Year 1 and one for Year 2 in the links below. I have set it up for it to be printed out but this isn't necessary and could be drawn and copied by hand. Let me know what you think by using Mrs Bartlett's email address or mine. Enjoy the egg hunting.  

Regularly practise your number bonds to 10,20 and 100 as well as your multiplication tables of 2s, 5s, 10s and then 3s. By the time you return will be experts.

Easter English Challenge

Why not write an imaginative story about the Easter Rabbit with an exciting beginning to hook the reader in, the build up and what the rabbit have to over come and a jaw dropping ending with a twist. Remember finger spaces, capital letters and fullstops. Also try to use because, but, if and when in your sentences. You might like to draw your story first to help you remember it when you are writing. Send us your pictures of your drawings and stories. 

Over the Easter break  it might be  a lovely idea to listen in to  radioblogging.net which so many children across the world are joining in with. The juniors are already blogging and so are some Year 2s. Each day at 9.30 a live show begins and there are activities to join in with by typing on the padlets. It is quite quick when it is your first time but is great for listening skills and the joy of people replying is wonderful. We are on there daily reading our school's writing and replying with positive helpful comments. I think the first two short activities on the padlets would be enough for Year 2 and maybe the first one for Year 1.

If you think it is something they would like to try then when they write their name in the padlet put first name only with SWW. (SWW is Stone with Woodford). It makes it easier for us to find them. Also put in Stone with Woodford Primary. Miss Hall has done a video to show you how it all works which i think is on Oaks home learning page.Do have a look. 

Don't forget to keep reading, practising your phonics and spellings regularly.





Documents to help with the Easter Activities.

I hope you enjoy this Easter challenges over the next 2 weeks.

File icon: pptx Yr 2 Chestnut Class Easter Egg Hunt Maths [pptx 55KB] Click to download
File icon: pptx Yr 1 Chestnut Class Easter Egg Hunt Maths [pptx 55KB] Click to download
File icon: pdf Rabbit and Egg- All Chestnut Modern Art Activity [pdf 786KB] Click to download
File icon: pdf Yr 1 Phase 5 Phonic Animal Mosaics. [pdf 2MB] Click to download
File icon: pdf Yr 2 Easter Spelling Mosaics [pdf 155KB] Click to download