Chestnut Class Padlet


As we share our stories with you on our Youtube channels we would love to hear your thoughts on them. This link takes you to Chestnut Class' padlet where you can share your thoughts or questions on the books we read. It is particularly good for commenting on our chapter books. The other children in our class can read your commnets and reposnd to them or "like" them.

Once you follow the link below, just click on the add symbol, type your child's name and the story you're watching (or let them see if they can type) in the 'Title' section, then type your child's story thoughts in the box that says 'write something'. Once you've done that, click anywhere on the screen and it will pop your thought up. 

Things you could comment on: 

  • What you like or dislike about the story. 
  • What words or phrases you thought were brilliant.
  • How you felt about the characters. 
  • Did it remind you of any other stories?

The Beatsies