Summer Term Home School Activites W/C 20th April


Update 1: New stories from Mrs Bartlett and Ms Liddell can be found on their You Tube sites. Have a listen and hear some old favourites and possible stories you haven't heard before.

Update 2: Check out the art page patterns. Look at the video posted and have a go at creating your own.

We would love to see your work so send pictures to:

Update 3: Take a look at our usual page and look at all the things that we did before Easter. I have put up photos of our trip to Caerleon, our making of the oil lamp and wax tablet and photos from our coding session. 

Hello Chestnut Class, we hope that you have had a good Easter break and have made the most of it. We we must welcome back Mrs Baker from maternity leave and even though you won't actually see her in the classroom she will be setting up activities alongside Mrs Bartlett and myself.

English Activities

Listen to our stories on the Story time section. Mrs Bartlett's new one is now available.

Reading as many times as you are able. The more you read to someone the better your reading will come along. Remember you can read online at Bug Club!

Spelling See the document below which is called Spelling/reading 200 common words. Choose 10 words each week that you find difficult to spell and then try these ways to help you remember how to spell them.

1. You can do this by writing the word many times in different colours.

2. Look, say, cover, write, check

3. Make up a silly sentence to help you....because= big elephant can always understand small elephants.

4. If you have a nerf gun you could write your 10 chosen words and blue-tac them to the wall and aim at a word and when you hit it you have to read it and spell/sound it out loud. (My son is doing this and he loves it.)

Keep it fun. 

Phonics for Yr 1

You can also do the nerf gun game with your phase 5 phonic sounds. If not then you could find something soft to throw at the words and then read them. Don't forget there is also Look for phase 5, choose a game and the children can start playing. A personal favourite is Obb and Bob but you might have a different one. 


 The link below should take you to the short film called catepillar shoes.

From this video the children can:

  • Mon- Watch the vidoe in the link above. In the links below is a short question and answer page to do once the children have watched the video. Choose the challenge caterpillar shoes 5-7 resourses. 1a is easiet 1b is more detailed and 1c is the greatest challenge..
  • Tues- Draw out the story as you remember it and label each creature with some descriptive words.
  • Weds- Start to retell the story using description to describe the different creatures.
  • Thurs- Complete your retelling of the story and edit. Check that you have used interesting words, capital letters, full stops and have included a list.
  • Fri- Make a fact file about these creatures.

In Yr 1 you need only choose either the retelling of the story OR the fact file.

Note: If you are having difficulty accessing the video try You Tube with the title and it might come up or be creative and make up your own story about a caterpillar, using your knowledge from other stories and from observing them in the garden. Please don't worry writing something interesting is key here.


This week we will be using the online home learning lessons created by White Rose Maths. These will closely follow the scheme of work we have been learning and will build on a range of skills. 

IMPORTANT: The link below will automatically take you to a different week possibly week 3 - please refer to the resources for WEEK ONE as I have had a chance to thoroughly review them for the children. Thank you.

Year 1 and Year 2 have different learning so make sure you click on the correct year group. Each day has a learning video and then an activity for you to use. You DO NOT need to print this, you can put the questions on your computer screen and answer in your books or on paper. There are answer sheets as well for you to use to check your work once you're finished. This week we will revise some of the things we have covered.


On one of your daily walks or scoots this week, try and remember your route and make a map of it. On the map it would be good to see what you see. This should include the usual buildings, paths and roads but it would also be fun to try and draw where you saw any new growth from trees, bushes and plants. Have the leaves come out on a chestnut tree yet? Are the cowslips in flower? Don't forget to label it and put a date on it. 


Listen to Spring by Vivaldi. In your books answer these questions.

How does it make you feel?

Does the music remind you of Spring?

Can you draw a picture that shows this piece of music.


This new term we will be learning all about plants.

To start this off, we'd like you to draw and label a flowering plant or a tree. There are worksheets below if you would like to use them.


You can continue with our Scratch Jr activities. There is a new guidance sheets below.


File icon: pdf Caterpillar Shoes 5-7 - Teaching Resources (1) [pdf 3MB] Click to download
File icon: pdf Year-2-Common-Exception-Words [pdf 1MB] Click to download
File icon: pdf Year-1-Common-Exception-Words ver 4 [pdf 30KB] Click to download
File icon: pdf Activity Sheet Tree Observation [pdf 217KB] Click to download
File icon: pdf Activity Sheet Flowering Plant Observation [pdf 86KB] Click to download
File icon: pdf Computing 3a Time to Move Moving Cars [pdf 754KB] Click to download
File icon: pdf Computing 3b Time to Move Moving Underwater [pdf 199KB] Click to download
File icon: pdf t-l-8760-phase-3-phonics-picture-activity-sheets- ver 1 [pdf 5MB] Click to download
File icon: pdf t-l-527192-phase-3-phonics-activity-booklet-english ver 4 [pdf 729KB] Click to download
File icon: pdf T-AU-S-062-Make-A-Sentence-Who-What-Doing-Where-When- ver 6 [pdf 15MB] Click to download