Week 11

This is the page to find out what Chestnut class are up to this week.

Amazing Activities

Writing activities 

Use the picture diplayed here, or click on the link to see a larger image, as a base for this weeks writing work. 


Story Starter-

“Go on, I dare you!” Ralph muttered boisterously across the table to Harry, with a grin etched across his mischievous face. “Go on, Harry, rub the magic coin!”

“Ha! Don’t be so silly! There’s no way that rubbing a stupid, old coin will make me shrink!” Harry laughed, as he picked up the coin and started rubbing it vigorously. “You see! Nothing!” he announced, pointing at his friend.

Later that evening, the dare was long forgotten, forgotten until midnight when everything changed…

Monday-  Discuss and answer the following questions:

What will happen after midnight?

Why do some people do stupid things when they’re ‘dared’ to do so?

Would you ever do something silly to impress your friends?

Is it good to be a daring person?


This sentence is ‘sick’ and needs help to get better. Can you help?

He went very very fast and flew through the air.

Wednesday- Plan the next part of the story using pictures for your ideas. In class we usually plan a story using pictures and then orally tell the story before any writing takes place.

Think about what happens when Harry wakes up. Has he shrunk? Where does the paper aeroplane take him? who does he meet and how does he get back to normal? 

Thursday- Begin writing your story about Harry and the Dare. 

Friday- Continue to write your story and if you have finished, read it through and to an adult to check it makes sense. Edit any parts that need work. If you ask a parent to type up and email your stories to us we will make them available for others to read. 


Reading Response- The Night Pirates 

Listen to the youtube story for this week and complete the following activities on your padlet. 

The Night Pirates Padlet


Monday - 'Quiet as mice' is a simile. Can you find more similes in this book or in other books? Can you make up your own simi

Tuesday- Discuss what 'stealthy' means. Can you think of any animals that are stealthy?

Wednesday- The text on each page is arranged in an unusual way. Can you think of reasons why the author has done this?

Thursday- What might the 'really rough, tough grown-up' pirates dream about when they are asleep?

Friday- Think of words to describe the treasure in the chest that is stolen.


Year 1. This week we will contnue to use the Governments Letters and Sounds videos. They cover all the bases of what the children should be doing in the Summer term with their phonics work. You may have been contiuing to use these over the last couple of weeks, if so then please continue. If not then we will carry on from lesson 36 this week. 

Year 1 lessons

Monday- lesson 36

Tuesday- lesson 37

Wednesday- lesson 38

Thursday- lesson 39 


Year 2 

See attached documents for spelling and grammar mats. 

File icon: pdf Mat 1 [pdf 1022KB] Click to download
File icon: pdf Mat 2 [pdf 989KB] Click to download
File icon: pdf Mat 3 [pdf 1MB] Click to download
File icon: pdf Mat 4 [pdf 1MB] Click to download

The Night Pirates  


Science- Animals as Pets 

Today we are learning to describe the needs of a pet. 

  1. Sort animals into two groups; suitable for a pet and not suitable for a pet. Discuss why the animals were sorted in a particular way. You may find the attached documents helpful. 
  2. Design a leaflet explaining to a potential pet owner what their animal needs. 



File icon: docx Pets sorting [docx 17KB] Click to download

RE- Who is Muslim and how do they live?

Pillars of Islam link

Last week in our RE work we learn two stories about the Prophet that muslims tell their children to help teach them lessons in life and how to be a good person. This week we are learning about the Pillars of Islam. This video explains what the 5 pillars of Islam are. They 

The five pillars of Islam are 5 things Muslims do to help keeo their faith strong. 

  1. What things do you have in your life that keep you strong or teach you the right thing to do.
  2.  Design and draw a prayer mat.
File icon: pdf T2-R-051-Religious-Symbols-and-Beliefs-Design-a-Prayer-Mat-Activity ver 2 [pdf 633KB] Click to download


Use the out if the ark website to do some singing. Follow the link to week 7


File icon: pdf SongActivity-WHAT-A-FLEXIBLE-BODY [pdf 255KB] Click to download
File icon: pdf SongActivity-SING-OF-A-RAINBOW [pdf 254KB] Click to download
File icon: pdf SongActivity-CHANGE-AND-GROW [pdf 541KB] Click to download
File icon: pdf SongActivity-THE-DOUBLING-SONG [pdf 478KB] Click to download

Art - Piet Mondrian 

This week we are learning about the artist Piet Mondrian. 

Look at the photopack ad discuss your thoughts and opinions about this artist. What do you think of his work? Which paintings do you like the best and why? 


Use the sheet to colour or paint a picture in the style of Piet Mondrian.

Further activity- You may wish to use your own ideas to create a picture in this style if you wish. Such as collage with shapes, printing with potatoes or sponge shapes, using masking tape to section off pieces and then choosing paint to create a lovely picture. 

Be creative and have fun! 


File icon: pdf t-ad-009-piet-mondrian-photo-pack ver 1 [pdf 2MB] Click to download
File icon: pdf T-AD-011-Piet-Mondrian-Colouring-Sheet [pdf 1MB] Click to download

Afternoon Tasks

This weeks afternoon tasks are based around The Night Pirates 

Day of the week Learning  Task to complete

  To  write a poster with descriptive sentences,        

 Create a 'Wanted' Poster for the Night Pirates...

who might want to catch them? Why?

Tuesday To make predictions and explore floating and sinking.

Use a pot or tub that is waterproof,(this is your pirate ship)  fill up a container and float your pot in the water. Use objects that are the same size , such as dry pasta, coins, marbles and predict how many pieces of "treasure" will fit in the boat before it sinks. 


To use shapes, symmetry and repeating patterns.

Design and make a new flag for the pirate ship. Try to use symmetry or a repeating pattern on your flag. 


To draw a map with a key to show where things are. 

Draw your own map showing the route of the Night Pirates. Use a key to show the landmarks and write your key on the side of the map. e.g. where the volcanoes are, or the rivers.