Week 13

This is the page to find out what Chestnut class are up to this week.

English Booklets- The Quangle Wangles Hat 

This wek Year 1 and Year 2 will both be Looking at The Quangle Wangles Hat by Edward Lear.  

File icon: pdf Quangle-F [pdf 3MB] Click to download

Reading Response- Katie Morag and the Tiresome Ted

UPDATE- I have been made aware that the padlet link is not working and it says the account is private. I am trying to work out how to make it public so bear with me (I.T. is not my strong point) In the mean time, you can still discuss the questions with your children at home and hopefully I will be able to sort it out soon.  Mrs Baker 

Monday - Why do you think Katie Morag has been in a bad mood since the baby has arrived? 

Tuesday-  What words could you use to describe the storm on the Isle of Struay?

Wednesday- Katie Morag regretted kicking her Teddy into the sea, have you ever done something you regret? 

Thursday- What did you think of the book? Did you like it? Remember, it's ok if you don't like certain books.



Katie Morag and the Tiresome Ted


Year 1. This week we will contnue to use the Governments Letters and Sounds videos. They cover all the bases of what the children should be doing in the Summer term with their phonics work.  

Year 1 lessons

Monday- lesson 44

Tuesday- lesson 45

Wednesday- lesson 46

Thursday- lesson 47


Year 2 

See attached documents for comprehension sheets

File icon: pdf Beach Habitat Differentiated Reading Comprehension Activity [pdf 1MB] Click to download
File icon: pdf Hedgehogs Differentiated Reading Comprehension Activity [pdf 6MB] Click to download


Y1 Monday 

find half

Y1 Tuesday 

find half 2

Y1 Wednesday

find a quarter

Y1 Thursday

find a quarter 2

Y2 Monday 


Y2 Tuesday 


Y2 Wednesday 

o'clock and half past

Y2 Thursday 

quarter past and quarter to


Extra maths work

There is a section to accompany each day of maths if you are looking for extra work. 

Science/PSHCE - Growing and Changing 

Growing up

1. Growing Up: Invite children to discuss some of the ways that they have changed as they have grown.

Mini- Book

2.  Using the Growing and Changing Mini Book Template, children complete the activity by drawing a picture of a human at each stage of the timeline, reading the labels and choosing which one goes with each life stage. If preferred, this activity can be completed using the Growing and Changing Matching Cards.


3. Now spend some time looking at photographs of you as a baby and then as you grow, can you put the photographs on a timeline to show how you have changed? 

Science and PSHCE 

Documents you may find useful ...

File icon: pdf Human Growth Timeline Activity [pdf 372KB] Click to download
File icon: pdf Activity Growing and Changing Mini Book [pdf 427KB] Click to download

Art - Henri Matisse 

This week we are learning about the artist Henri Matisse. He was famous for his paper cut-outs. In the attached documents see an example of his work The snail (1953). 

This weeks activity: 

Give your child an A4 piece of paper, a pair of scissors, glue and brightly coloured paper. Like Matisse, they should first cut out their designs and place them onto the page. Children can discuss if their designs could be improved. Matisse's artwork has pinpricks in the cut-outs (where he placed them on a wall to review and make changes). When the changes have been done, you are ready for the glue.




Henri Matisse


School Uniform: Tell your child that they will be presenting to the School Council about the school uniform. Do they think it is a good idea to wear a uniform or are they against wearing a uniform? Can they write down why they think they should have a uniform and then write down why they shouldn't? Design a new uniform. What would they wear? Would it be the same for girls and boys? What would they say to the school council? How would they campaign? Would they have badges, posters, events and banners to help their debate.

Katie Morag Pictures 

Afternoon Tasks

This weeks afternoon tasks are based around Katie Morag and The Tiresome Ted 

Day of the week Learning  Task to complete

  To write a letter      

 Write a letter to Grandma Mainland about Tiresome Ted using descriptive language and time connectivesWrite a letter to Grandma Mainland about Tiresome Ted using descriptive language and time connectives

Tuesday To draw pictures from our story this week using detail

Look at map of Struay, at key places children have encountered in work so far.  Also look at pages in KM books.


What are the places like?  Think about descriptions we could use to describe those places.  How would children draw them?  Think about shapes and how achieve effects using pencils.


I can write descriptive sentences. 

Children to  look at illustrations during storm and discuss what can see in pictures.  Create a word bank of stormy descriptive words.


Children to write about the storm using the descriptive words.  Focus is writing in sentences and using descriptive language.  They can then illustrate their writing with a stormy setting picture.



I can paint with watercolours. 

If you have water colours.....What are the places and people like in the book?  What colours have been used? Think about descriptions we could use to describe those places/people.  How would children draw them?  What colours would they use?  (watercolours not powder or ready mix paints) Look at how some pages have a wash of colour. Show how to use watercolours. Some of details could be drawn over dried watercolour pictures in coloured pencils later. If no water colours then children could describe their favouite character or scene from the story and then draw a picture with speech bubbles to show what the characters might be saying