Class Zoom Calls

This week I would like to have a catch up with all of the kids. I am setting up zoom meetings for Tuesday where we will read a chapter of the book and discuss how we have found it so far. I would also like the children to think about things they are proud to have achieved in this time. To enable me to see everyone I am seperating it into year 3 and year 4 groups and the hope is to continue doing this on Fridays should we begin a phased return to school on the week of the 1st of June. 

The admin team will be emailing you a link to the Zoom meeting with a password to log on. Please help them with this. You can download the Zoom app to a tablet or smart device or the software downloaded to a computer or laptop from Accounts are free to join calls. I will be the administrator for the call and will be able to control the features and mute and unmute participants when needed. 


Year 3s call will be at 12pm on Tuesday 26th May

Year 4's call will be at 2pm on Tuesday 26th May

If you do not receive an email by Monday from the school please email Miss Hall to get the link and passcode.

Miss Hall's half term Bingo challenge

Attached below is a bingo sheet with lots of activities that should help you relax, unwind and be helpful during the halfterm holiday. Let's see how many we can achieve!

File icon: pdf Miss Halls half term bingo [pdf 211KB] Click to download


The radioblogging is continuing as per usual and you are free to join as many activities as you would like. It will be a slightly different structure as it is the holidays for us all. I will log on and keep and eye on the work you produce and I look forward to your creativity.


I will be reading the next chapter during our Zoom meetings on Tuesday and will be setting a more open ended task for the students to tackle across the week. This will be more informal and will be more about exploring the text and characters. We will resume the chapter a day after the half term with padlet responses. I will video the chapter after the calls and post below so they can refer to it along with the other chapters to use should they need to.


I will set some Sumdog challenges for the children to have a go at that will be revision practice for them. They will go live on Monday and they will have the week to complete them. There will be a mixture of timestables and maths learning to tackle. They can do these by playing the games.

Being safe online

Here is an activity that just helps the children to understand the importance of being safe online. I think it is important to give them a refresher with all of the online learning and time spent researching and communicating on the internet. There are a couple of activities on the document below with links to help. I've also attached the work sheet resources should you want to tackle them. It is important to have a conversation with them about how they are being safe online too!

File icon: pdf Being safe online activity sheets [pdf 451KB] Click to download