Expectations for Home Learning

Hi everybody!

Here you will find the information you need for the home learning tasks each week. We will have a theme for the students each week which will involve them linking their learning in science and topic to their writing as well. I will be providing digital copies of the activities for you to use with the learning.


Students are expected to read 5 times a week at home, continuing to discuss the plot, characters and make predictions during their reading time. We suggest giving students the opportunities to extend their reading times to 25 minutes as this is a common amount of time for us to read within school during our literacy sessions.


Each day, the students will have a fluent in five (4 quick revision questions) to complete, followed by an activity that will stem around the learning for maths that week. Where possible I will provide links to powerpoints or videos which will help the children understand the learning. I will also try to use photos and help sheets where possible to guide and support parents during this time. Additional sheets can be found using the twinkl resources should your child need more practice to feel secure. Please encourage them to discuss their maths and offer them opportunities to apply it within worded situations both written and verbally. I will also be setting up an online Sumdog test for the students to complete each week focussed on the learning, this will allow me to asses where the students are ready for when we do return to school.


Each week there will be a selection of writing activities stemming from a key theme. This may be based around learning from science and topic or a specific writing theme for the week stemming from a particular resource. Please encourage the children to write at a table and to use paper to note their ideas before they begin to write their main piece of work. 


Each week I will set a topic project for the children focused around different areas of the curriculum. There will be links to videos and worksheets posted for them to use and then a piece of work to consolodate their knowledge.

Mental Maths and Spellings:

The students have been sent home with resources to support them in growth along their maths passport. I have given them flashcards and an example of the levels and their tests will be posted online shortly so that students can challenge themselves moving forward. Jo has provided them with a few weeks of spellings each so that they can continue to learn them, a set each week and they can be tested by you as often as you can (including revising some they have learnt from previous weeks!)


I will be creating a page with useful online resources over the next couple of weeks that will allow the students to expand upon their learning. We are working to provide students with individual log ins for selected websites. They already each have a Sumdog log in, which now includes the spelling and grammar areas of the site. 

Twinkl has opened up its resources to parents for free, below you will find in the log in details: