This week's work.

Hello everyone! 

I hope you all had a lovely half term week, it was wonderful to speak with so many of you on Zoom last week and we will have another go this week.

As school is starting its phased return I will now be in teaching the keyworker class Monday - Thursday. This will mean that replying to emails and commenting on work will be more difficult but I will do my best to try and get the balance so please bare with me! 

On Fridays I will be going over the work produced, so emailing the childrens work for the week would be best on a Friday, it will allow me to see it clearly and it not to get lost within the emails that arrive over the week. I will also be setting up the class web page for the following week on a Friday for us and setting the online tasks. 

I would like to make Zoom calls a weekly occurance, so this Friday we will have another go. Year 3 will be at 10am and Year 4 at 12pm. If everyone is confident using the mute options and we all know how to be clear with eachother then we can try a whole class one next week. Everyone was brilliant on Tuesday and was very respectful and listened well. We do some similar tasks and do Friday's chapter on the Zoom call as well so please have a pen and pencil ready.

If you do have questions, send me an email and I will do my best to reply as quickly as I can to you.

Up until now I haven't set a timetable for the work, letting people have some flexibility to complete tasks in the order they choose, but if your child is returning to school in the keyworker class part time please try and follow the timetable to allow an easier teaching day within the keyworker class as at times there will be children from years 1-6. Thank you.

English Writing

This week I have tried to vary the tasks so that we have a bit of a difference for the kids. We will do a mix of radioblogging and handwritten tasks this week. I would like to see work published by them on the radioblog for the days it is set, and photos of their handwritten tasks by email on the Friday please. 

Day of the week Resources to use You will need:

Complete the padlet task and the written task as well.

Laptop/ computer

Magpie book


Complete the padlet task and the written task as well.

Laptop/ computer

Magpie book


Pobble -

Click the link below and look at the picture. (Alternatively you can print it off) we will be doing the "sick sentences" task.

We are going to improve the following sentences using all that you have learned this year. This is a handwritten task to get you back in the flow of writing.

"The girl was in a forest. It was a bit scary. The trees were big and tall she couldn’t see much sky"

Pobble picture document

Magpie book

Writing book


Complete the padlet task and the written task as well.

Laptop/ computer

Magpie book


Zoom call writing task.

I will be setting a writing task after reading the chapter on the Zoom call. We will discuss ideas and the children will be set off to do their task at the end of the call.

Magpie book

Writing book


Reading Response

Don't forget, if you weren't able to join us for our Zoom call on Tuesday you need to catch up with chapters 9 and 10 which are on the youtube channel now!

Chapter eleven

Monday's task

Use the padlet to create your own dragon. Make sure to use similes and prepositions to add detail!

Chapter twelve

Tuesday's task

Today you need to create rules for the library if you were to take your pet in for story time!

Chapter thirteen

Wednesday's task.

Write as one of Tomas' friends today. What suspicious behaviour have you noticed?

What do you think he might be up to?

Chapter fourteen

Thursday's task

Listen to chapter 14.

Your task is to write as Flicker and describe what was happening in the garden with Tomas and Granddad.

Chapter fifteen

Friday's task.


Maths tasks

Friday Maths Gate Task


Learning about Pollination

Day of the week Task

Understanding pollination. Watch the video on BBC Bitesize about pollination.

Complete the pollination worksheet and fill in the gaps from the knowledge you have learnt.


Exploring pollination at home.

Take a look around your garden, study the different flowers you have there. What is similar about them? What is different? We are going to design our own flower that we think will attract the most pollinators.

Complete the design a pollinator attracting flower sheet. You could do this task on plain paper to save on printing but make sure you read the prompts too!


Understanding information.

Read the comprehension sheet on pollinators (You can ask an adult for help if you need it!) and then have a go at answering the questions. 


Designing a pollinator

Use the design a pollinator work sheet to come up with your very own pollinator. Think about the details as you'll need them for tomorrows task. Make sure you include labels.


Create a pollinator fact sheet.

Today you will need your pollinator design and a copy of the fact sheet we used on Wednesday about Moths. Look at how the information is organised, what titles and subtitles have been used. You are going to create a fact sheet about your own pollinator today. You could do this on paper, or you may want to type it up. Remember to include the information about how pollination happens too!


File icon: pdf Pollination-Worksheet [pdf 129KB] Click to download
File icon: pdf design-a-pollinator-attracting-flower-activity-sheet [pdf 34KB] Click to download
File icon: pdf Pollinators comprehension [pdf 812KB] Click to download
File icon: pdf au-t2-s-266-design-a-pollinator-activity-sheet- ver 1 [pdf 33KB] Click to download

Afternoon Tasks

These challenges are based around developing some of the skills we would have practiced in school through different lessons such as Drama, ICT and Music. There is a challenge a day to develop a new skill or knowledge to keep building on your learning.

Day of the week Learning  Task to complete

Grammar Hunt

What are formal and informal language?

Watch the 3rd video on BBC Homelearning:

Can you find different examples of formal and informal language around your house?

Try organising some things into different piles. What do you notice about some of your favourite food products? WHat kind of language do they use?


Grammar/Drama task

Understanding formal and informal language.

Watch the video on BBC Homelearning.

Have a go at activity One and see if you can tell the formal and informal language apart.

Now try Activity 2/3 but instead of writing them, try speaking them. Imagine you are with Louise and practicing your Drama skills. How will your voice and body language change?


Grammar/Drama task

Recap what you've learnt about formal and informal language so far this week.

Challenge one of your parents to language debate.

Take it in turns to say a sentence either formally or informally. The other person needs to change it to the other style.

For example...

Person 1 - Hiya Miss Hall, you ok?

Person 2 - Hello Miss Hall, how are you today?


ICT task

How does the internet work???

Watch the video below on the BBC homelearning

Can you explain to an adult how an email from them gets to me? Think about the new language you have learnt. Perhaps write down a step by step plan to show them how it works!

Mindfulness Task

Today I would like you to try and do a mindfulness task and help yourself to sort your ideas for the weekend.

You will need a quiet room, though you could do this with your family sat on the floor or chairs as long as everyone is going to be peaceful and listen.

When everyone is settled you can set the youtube video to play

It's only 3 minutes but it is similar to what we have done at the end of our Circle Times before.