This week's work

This week I have set up a few more activities for you all to do. I would like everyone to email me a photo of at least one piece of their writing or publish their work in line with the radio blog activities by the end of the week. This allows me to check on your progress and see the work you have been doing. Lots of you have been sending me your efforts so far and that has been great. If you have been publishing your work on the radio blog then that is excellent and I can already see how you are doing.

Please reach out and share your work with me at:

It has been wonderful to see so much of your work this week and I have been adding as much to our class sharing page as possible! This week I would love some examples of the graphs for Science this week to show everyone how precise our skills have got!

Class Pen-pals

I know lots of you have wonderful families and siblings but are missing talking with your class mates. Some people have asked after eachother so I wanted to give people the opportunity to try having a penpal from class to keep in contact with.

This is completely opt in and too try and keep us all connected, so if you would like to have me set you up with a class penpal please ask your parents to send me an email saying it is ok to share your emails and I will pair you up.By opting in, this means I will be giving your email to another parent within the class and you will need to check in what the children are writing to eachother though I aim to be kept involved by being Cc'd into the conversation.

 I will probably choose someone you don't normally speak to alot as it you have most likely kept in contact with your close friends!

We will see how many of you want to participate and then we will sort it out by Friday for you all. Please let me know by then so I can get people paired up as best as possible. Once you have eachother's emails you can write to eachother as much as you wish,.This isn't work but just to keep you guys in contact and happy.

English Writing Tasks

This week, again, I want everyone to continue following along with the RadioBlog. It is an excellent way to practice a range of writing styles and to gather and share ideas. I recommend having your Magpie Book there ready to use to help you. I will be online each day and you can see my ideas on the padlet (Post-it note page) and I will be able to see yours.

I am aware some people are having difficulties posting to the padlet and I have emailed them to enquire as to why. We have a class one for reading responses so if that one works then we will know the issue lies with RadioBlog and they can hopefully fix it! If their ideas are not getting posted, just pop them in an email me to me and I will put them on as them for them so everyone's ideas get up there!

If you don't have a lot of technology available make sure you listen along and try to post to the padlet but you can complete the written task within your book. Each writing task has an example on the webpage you can use to help, just like we do in school. Remember that you can always go back and edit but you need to give everything a go, just as we do at school. Start in your magpie book, just like we do, and build your ideas from there. I am only an email away if you aren't sure how to use your idea. I am happy to help with a next idea, line or suggestion but you need to give me your first idea first!

Make sure, if you don't publish your work on the blog then send me at least one piece of your writing to me this week!

Grammar writing challenge.

This week i have set you a challenge to review your knowledge of inverted commas (speech marks!) and your challenge is to have a go at writing the conversation between us three teachers in the video. I've loaded part one for this week. I will load an answer sheet below so you can mark how you did.

"Remember, you start with speech marks, then you need a capital letter. You end your speech with a piece of punctuation and then close your speech marks," said Miss Hall, "and don't forget to tell me who is speaking!"

Email me through your work so I can see how we have all gotten along. Challenge yourself to try and use different words than 'said' and see if you can add in any action detail.

Reading Response

Each day I will upload a new chapter of Brightstorm for us to read. We are going to try out doing our own class padlets for your ideas, they don't need to be long, just imagine they are our thought bubbles that we normally stick on the class door! I know it's a lot of book to get through but we are nearly there and I want us to get finished with Brightstorm so we can start our new class book as soon as possible! 

Chapter 28 - South polaris

Video coming Monday am

Monday's task

Listen carefully to the chapter and think about what we learnt about Maudie and Arthur's Mum and her family.

Your task:

To write a diary entry as one of the twins about what they discovered about their family. Really think about their emotions and the details we can get from the book.

Chapter 29 - Goodbye Dad

Tuesday's task.

Today you need to think about the main characters returning to the crew. You will write as a crew member and describe how they returned, what had happened to them, who they had seen and how they looked.

Top tip- Don't forget they arrive back on the thought wolves!

Chapter 30 - Victorious

Wednesday's task

(Sorry for the delay Youtube obviously knows we are near the end of the book and really want to hear what happens!)

Listen to the chapter and the complete the padlet task. Please read the task carefully and make sure you are writing in the first person.

Chapter 31 - Home

The final chapter! Follow the Padlet link to leave your thoughts on the ending of the book - 

Maths tasks


Sumdog timestable challenges have been set across the week depending on where the children were fluent from two weeks agos challenges. You have the whole week to complete them. If you are not accurate then your results will not improve. You also need to work on your speed as well. Good luck!

Well done to year 4 who came 2nd in the county of Gloucestershire, only being beaten by Top Class as a whole!

Year 3

Year three will be following a similar set up to the last few weeks. You will no longer be able to access the worksheets from the website yourselves but I have downloaded them and attatched them below.

File icon: pdf Y3-Lesson-1-Convert-pounds-and-pence-2019 [pdf 3MB] Click to download
File icon: pdf Y3-Lesson-1-Answers-Convert-pounds-and-pence-2019 [pdf 3MB] Click to download
File icon: pdf Y3-Lesson-2-Add-money-2019 [pdf 1MB] Click to download
File icon: pdf Y3-Lesson-2-Answers-Add-money-2019 [pdf 1MB] Click to download
File icon: pdf Y3-Lesson-3-Subtract-money-2019 [pdf 1MB] Click to download
File icon: pdf Y3-Lesson-3-Answers-Subtract-money-2019 [pdf 1MB] Click to download
File icon: pdf Y3-Lesson-4-The-3-times-table-2019 [pdf 1MB] Click to download
File icon: pdf Y3-Lesson-4-Answers-The-3-times-table-2019 [pdf 2MB] Click to download

Year 4

Year four will be following a similar set up to the last few weeks. You will no longer be able to access the worksheets from the website yourselves but I have downloaded them and attatched them below.

File icon: pdf Y4-Lesson-1-Multiply-2-digits-by-1-digit-2019 [pdf 798KB] Click to download
File icon: pdf Y4-Lesson-1-Answers-Multiply-2-digits-by-1-digit-2019 [pdf 1MB] Click to download
File icon: pdf Y4-Lesson-2-Multiply-3-digits-by-1-digit-2019 [pdf 919KB] Click to download
File icon: pdf Y4-Lesson-2-Answers-Multiply-3-digits-by-1-digit-2019 [pdf 1MB] Click to download
File icon: pdf Y4-Lesson-3-Divide-2-digits-by-1-digit-2-2019 [pdf 1MB] Click to download
File icon: pdf Y4-Lesson-3-Answers-Divide-2-digits-by-1-digit-2-2019 [pdf 1MB] Click to download
File icon: pdf Y4-Lesson-4-Divide-3-digits-by-1-digit-2019 [pdf 1MB] Click to download
File icon: pdf Y4-Lesson-4-Answers-Divide-3-digits-by-1-digit-2019 [pdf 1MB] Click to download

Science tasks

This week we are learning all about food chains. We have some learning to start with and I will be adding my own video to help you along with one of them. There is a youtube video to help you understand all the scientific words you need to use and will help you get that super scientific vocabulary! Have a go at the three tasks below, there are some example activities below that you might use or create your own!

File icon: pdf Food Chain Glossary [pdf 628KB] Click to download
File icon: pdf AU-T2-S-017-Food-Chain-Sorting-Game ver 1 [pdf 7MB] Click to download

Food Chains Glossary

Use the document attatched to learn the vocabulary you need to use when discussing food chains.

Here is a helpful Youtube video which will show you what all the terms mean.

Use it to help you answer the sheet and build your vocabulary!

Food chain sorting game.

Use the document with the examples of animals and see if you can sort them into food chains.

You do not have to print them - you could write the different animals onto Post-it notes and then shuffle them around that way if you're short on ink or a printer.

This is about exploring food chains. Try and use your new scientific vocabulary to explain their role in the food chain.

Making food chains.

Hello! I apologise for the delay I have had technical difficulties with file transfer today but I have found a lovely youtube video by someone who has done exactly as I did!

We will work through how to build a food chain for your garden. I will use examples of creatures I've found in my garden and we will look at how to write it down scientifically and label with all the important vocabulary.


Jesus' taught that we should help as many people as we can. That everyone deserves a helping hand and we should "Love thy neighbour".

This week, we are thinking about how churches serve the community. 

You need to look closely at the pictures of different church notice boards.

  1. What types of fliers are there?
  2. What types of activities?
  3. Who are they helping?

Use the examples we have seen and then imagine creating a notice board for our church in Stone. If you could offer any services for the community that would support Jesus' teaching of helping one another, what would you offer? Think of at least four different activities/services you would want to offer to the community when we can go back to visiting church,

Jo's Challenge!

Hello everyone!

I was very impressed with last weeks efforts from everyone - you all seemed to have a lot of fun but I've decided this week we are going to try and make the challenge harder!

This week it's.....JUGGLING!

I'm using socks - because that's all I had, I found three pairs about the same size for me to use and rolled them into tight balls! 

Miss Hall has found a helpful video which breaks down the technique and gives you steps to use. This may take a lot of practice but I look forward to some competitions when you come back to school!

Good Luck!