This week's work.

Hello everyone! 

I hope you have all been having agreat time with your families. I've seen some wonderful examples of science work with excellent habitat posters, food chains and life cycles of so many different animals so a BIG well done from me!

This week we are going to tie our habitat research to the learning we did earlier in the year about different biomes in the world and think about the different climates, habitats and creatures that live in these areas. We will be continuing with our RadioBlogging and of course our new book each day! I hope seeing the book in the video has helped you to read along and see the illustrations that are throughout the book. In RE this week, we will be thinking about our neighbours and our communities and how they link to eachother.

Thank you to everyone who has been sending in their work to me it has been wonderful to see what you have all been up to and all your hard work! Keep it up!

English Writing

We are going to continue with the radio blogging this week. The last week was focussed on using a memory each day to practice expanding upon an idea. Each day might be different so keep an eye on the different taks. Occasionalyl they are bringing in new ways of communicating and we can have a small problem accessing it.

Each day, perhaps have a look at the final task of the day whilst listening to the earlier parts of the show. You could start jotting ideas down in your Magpie book so that you already know what is going to happen in your writing for the day.

Reading Response

Chapter four - It's a dragon!

Use the padlet link below.

Your task today is to listen carefully to the list at the end of the chapter today and create your own. Imagine you had a secret dragon in your room and you're have a really close look. Add in extra snippets of information in that aren't needed but give me a clear image as a reader just like the author did today.

Chapter five - The TomTom and Jerry Show

Tuesday's task.

Today we are going to create a class timeline of the events so far. You will need to pay close attention to where you add your note and make sure it is in the correct order so that as a class we can retell the story with as much detail as possible.

Chapter six - Banana blobalob

Wednesday's task.

Imagine you are a nosey neighbour who enjoys spying through people's windows to get all of the gossip. You peer into Tomas' family's window during breakfast and can't believe what you see...!

Today I am look for exciting sentence starters, short and long sentences as well as the use of the different senses and the persons emotions during the writing. It should be written in the first person as you are the person looking through the window.

Good Luck!


Chapter seven - Doughnuts and Dragon-fruit crumble

Thursday's task

Today we are putting on our persuasive hats and coming up with dragon-fruit products!

Listen the examples in the chapter and then zip on over to the padlet. I've done an example for you to help but I'm sure you can come up with lots of different products!

Chapter eight - That's grim, that is.

Friday's task.

I have come up with 5 different dragon names. Today you need to choose one of them and describe the dragon that you would call that name. Listen carefully to how Tomas chose to name his dragon Flicker. Could you tie your dragon's description into his name. Remember, I can't see your dragon so you need to make sure your description gives me a really clear picture. Don't forget to use your adjectives, your prepositions and to really give your dragon a personality that matches the name!


Good luck!

Grammar Challenge 3

Excellent effort from everyone who sent me their work last week. This is our final practice video before we take this skill onto it's next step. 

Challenge: Try and break up longer pieces of speech by saying who is talking in the middle...

"I love my coffee," exclaimed Miss Hall, taking a large slurp from her mug, "it always perks me right up in the morning, ready to get on with some hard work.

You need to make sure you remember the punctuation, a comma is needed (green) before the person starts speaking again and you need to be mindful of getting your speech marks in just the right place. See if you can use this idea once in your grammar challenge this week. And don't forget... NEW PERSON = NEW LINE

There are some wonderful ideas on the class padelt that we started last week so don't forget to add anymore you have or magpie of eachother!

Maths tasks


This week on Sumdog I have noticed that some of us are loosing points because we are making silly errors. So I have set 100 questions to recap the 5 and 6 times tables with different questions that use arrays, counting in multiples and recalling them to refresh you before you try your timestable test. Try and notice where you are struggling and work on your accuracy this week.

Your target for your multiplication this week is 300 correct questions with as few errors as possible! We are aiming for higher than 90% which means you can't get more than 30 errors so use the practice questions to help you feel more confident.

Remember you need to be quick with your answers but also accurate too!

Year 3 Maths

This should be mostly revision work for them this week as this is a topic we have covered before Easter. Please remind them to stay calm and to think it through and they should do great!

Please follow the link to the year 3 learning videos for maths this week.

The work sheets and answer documents are attached below.

File icon: pdf Lesson-1-Unit-and-non-unit-fractions-2019 [pdf 898KB] Click to download
File icon: pdf Lesson-1-Answers-Unit-and-non-unit-fractions-2019 [pdf 2MB] Click to download
File icon: pdf Lesson-2-Making-the-whole-2019 [pdf 1MB] Click to download
File icon: pdf Lesson-2-Answers-Making-the-whole-2019 [pdf 1MB] Click to download
File icon: pdf Lesson-3-Tenths-2019 [pdf 282KB] Click to download
File icon: pdf Lesson-3-Answers-Tenths-2019 [pdf 1MB] Click to download
File icon: pdf Lesson-4-Count-in-tenths-2019 [pdf 144KB] Click to download
File icon: pdf Lesson-4-Answers-Count-in-tenths-2019 [pdf 799KB] Click to download

Year 4 Maths

This should be mostly revision work for them this week as this is a topic we have covered before Easter. Please remind them to stay calm and to think it through and they should do great!

Please follow the link to the year 4 learning videos for maths this week.

The work sheets and answer documents are attached below.

File icon: pdf Lesson-1-Recognise-tenths-and-hundredths-2019 [pdf 426KB] Click to download
File icon: pdf Lesson-1-Answers-Recognise-tenths-and-hundredths-2019 [pdf 837KB] Click to download
File icon: pdf Lesson-2-Equivalent-fractions-1-2019 [pdf 810KB] Click to download
File icon: pdf Lesson-2-Answers-Equivalent-fractions-1-2019 [pdf 2MB] Click to download
File icon: pdf Lesson-3-Equivalent-fractions-2-2019 [pdf 1001KB] Click to download
File icon: pdf Lesson-3-Answers-Equivalent-fractions-2-2019 [pdf 1MB] Click to download
File icon: pdf Lesson-4-Fractions-greater-than-1-2019 [pdf 889KB] Click to download
File icon: pdf Lesson-4-Answers-Fractions-greater-than-1-2019 [pdf 1MB] Click to download


Science support video

In this video you will be taken through different biomes around the world. It shows and explains the different features of these biomes and gives examples of them and where they are. Follow closely as you will need lots of this information to complete the tasks later.

Locating places

Use the two countries facts file to compare two different countries. You need to think carefully about where they are in the world as we want two very different places to be able to see how their position makes a difference.

Have a go at drawing their part of the globe in the circle. Google maps will be useful if you zoom out to earth view! Good luck!

Locating Biomes

Use the "locating biome" sheet from below to help you today. You need to watch the video carefully and think about the effect the equator has on the temperature in a place. Colour in the different biomes around the world using the key to help you.

Comparing biomes

Spend some time discussing the different biomes we have learnt about with your family. Which are you more confident with? Which could you add detail too with your knowledge of food chains, animals and habitats that we have already gathered this term?

Choose at least one of the comparing biomes sheets from the document below. You need to compare the two biomes, so try and pick a sheet with at least one you are really confident with. Remember to think about climate, rainfall, vegetation as well as animals when comparing them.

Science resources

I've attached the necessary sheets below as well as a couple of additional challenges should the children want to research more about biomes and challenge themselves.

File icon: pdf two countries fact file [pdf 211KB] Click to download
File icon: pdf Locating Biomes [pdf 551KB] Click to download
File icon: pdf Compare and Contrast [pdf 837KB] Click to download
File icon: pdf Intrepid Explorer [pdf 34KB] Click to download
File icon: pdf Snapshot of a Biome [pdf 124KB] Click to download
File icon: pdf t2-g-628-world-map-deserts-labelling-activity- ver 3 [pdf 515KB] Click to download


This week we are thinking about our 'neighbours'.

Jesus said to "Love thy neightbour"

When he spoke of this he did not mean just the people who live directly next to us but of the people involved in our lives. These might be family, close neighbours to your home, different communities you are part of such as; school, swimming lessons, rugby, scouts or brownies, a place you used to live and still have contacts in. Each of these groups are part of your community.

Start by drawing a series of circles on your piece of paper, think about how many different community groups you belong to and try and draw enough. Begin labelling the people who are part of these communities for you. 

When you've finished, take a close look. Who is in a lot of these communities for you? Who do you only see in certain places?

How do you show love and respect for these different communities?  Try writing a way that you do this around the outside of each circle. It might be rules you all follow or perhaps a uniform or agreement you have. What makes you a part of this community?