This week's work.

This week I have set up a few more activities for you all to do. I would like everyone to email me a photo of at least one piece of their writing or publish their work in line with the radio blog activities by the end of the week. This allows me to check on your progress and see the work you have been doing. Lots of you have been sending me your efforts so far and that has been great. If you have been publishing your work on the radio blog then that is excellent and I can already see how you are doing.

Please reach out and share your work with me at:

It has been wonderful to see so much of your work this week and I have been adding as much to our class sharing page as possible! This week I would love some examples of the graphs for Science this week to show everyone how precise our skills have got!

English tasks

This week, again, I want everyone to continue following along with the RadioBlog. It is an excellent way to practice a range of writing styles and to gather and share ideas. I recommend having your Magpie Book there ready to use to help you. I will be online each day and you can see my ideas on the padlet (Post-it note page) and I will be able to see yours.

I am aware some people are having difficulties posting to the padlet and I have emailed them to enquire as to why. We have a class one for reading responses so if that one works then we will know the issue lies with RadioBlog and they can hopefully fix it! If their ideas are not getting posted, just pop them in an email me to me and I will put them on as them for them so everyone's ideas get up there!

If you don't have a lot of technology available make sure you listen along and try to post to the padlet but you can complete the written task within your book. Each writing task has an example on the webpage you can use to help, just like we do in school. Remember that you can always go back and edit but you need to give everything a go, just as we do at school. Start in your magpie book, just like we do, and build your ideas from there. I am only an email away if you aren't sure how to use your idea. I am happy to help with a next idea, line or suggestion but you need to give me your first idea first!

Make sure, if you don't publish your work on the blog then send me at least one piece of your writing to me this week!

Reading Response tasks.

Each day I will upload a new chapter of Brightstorm for us to read. We are going to try out doing our own class padlets for your ideas, they don't need to be long, just imagine they are our thought bubbles that we normally stick on the class door! I know it's a lot of book to get through but we are nearly there and I want us to get finished with Brightstorm so we can start our new class book as soon as possible! 

Chapter 23 - The Plan

Listen to chapter 23 carefully. Below is a link to a class padlet (like the ones used on the radioblog). I would like you to comment on how important the Thought wolves were to the journey in Brightstorm. Please make sure you put your name so I can see your thoughts.

Chapter 24 - Evidence

Think about the evidence that Arthur and Maudie collected in this chapter.

COPY and PASTE the link below to reach the padlet for today.

Chapter 25 - The Ice Lake

Listen to this chapter carefully.

Your task is to write as Harriet and how she felt when Arthur went into the ice. 

COPY and PASTE the link below into a new internet search to add your ideas to the class padlet.

I look forward to you all sharing your ideas.

Chapter 26 - Under the mountain

Listen carefully to the chapter. Think about what it was like for them finding the glow worms in the cavern. 

Your task: 

Imagine they enter a new cavern, think what else they could discover within a new cave. Make sure to use adjectives, prepositions and exciting sentence starters.

COPY and PASTE the link below (though this one might work by clicking I hope!) and write up your cavern paragraph on the new padlet.

Chapter 27 - The Southern Aurora

Listen carefully to chapter 27. I recommend having your magpie book with you as you will need to record words and phrases that describe the snow storm.

Use the link below to make your comments on the chapter.



Whiterose have teamed up with BBC to create a comprehensive learning scheme for the whole of the summer term. By following this I will know everyone is at the same point when we are able to return to school.

Choose the correct year group for your child - either 3 or 4!

Use the "Summer term - Week two"

Each day starts with a flashback which is exactly like our bell work but shorter. The children can pause the video at this point and use the time to revise the few questions before going over the answers. The video then goes on to that days learning and there is a task afterwards.


We are joining the Gloucestershire Sumdog contest this week. It is a lot to do but we could be up for some excellent prizes including the children getting rewards for their own Sumdog avatars. They need to answer 1000 (yes I know a massive number!) questions by the end of next week (Friday 01/05/2020) but they can do as many a day as they can. Our score is based on accuracy so they need to make sure they are answering carefully. They can even compete by completing their daily x table exercises so it's a great opportunity for us all! I look forward to seeing everyone's efforts!

Looking at scientific data.

Draw a bar graph of your creature survey.

Use the video above to help you to draw a bar graph for your own results. Make sure you have your results, a ruler, pencil and lined (or squared paper from the documents below) ready to have a go. Be really precise with your graphs and make sure you are holding your ruler in the middle so it is steady. 

I would love some photos of your graphs so please send them over to me!

Parts of a flower

This week I'd like you to have a closer look at the flowers in your garden or local area. I want you to study them and learn about the different parts. There is a youtube link below to help you understand. Try sketching one for yourself and labeling the parts like the picture.

Plant Poems

Lots of you have been working har don the RadioBlog and have tried lots of different styles of poem. I have included one below in our documents section to have a look at to help you. I would like you to write me a poem about how to keep plants/flowers alive and what they need. So there will be information in your poem but I would also like you to think about your word choices! It doesn't need to rhyme, I just want to see your creativity!

Ant Survey results 

I've made a digital graph using our Ant results and I've added in some questions for you to try. Afterwards, why not try drawing another graph of your own and coming up with questions?

File icon: pdf Ant survey data and questions [pdf 210KB] Click to download

Science Data Challenge

Have a go at drawing another graph from our class results below. You could draw one to represent just the 'ants' or our totals if you can add them up. I've included everyone's that I had received before 5pm on Friday but will update the results if I get anymore in over the weekend!


Last week, we wrote about how the disciples would have felt when Jesus called them to be "fishers of men". He was asking them to help him gather followers to come and listen to his teachings and the word of God.

Look at the art work on the screen below. All of them are different artists impressions of that moment in the bible. Which ones stand out to you? Which ones do you think share the message of the story?

Your task is to create a piece of art, in whatever style or medium you want, to represent the message of the Jesus choosing his first disciples. Your title will be "The fishers of men" and I would like you to all send me a photo of your work so we can make our own gallery together.

Fishers of men

Jo's Weekly Challenge!

Hello everyone!

I have decided to create a simple but silly challenge for you all each week.

This week - I challenge you to.....

Balance a spoon upon your nose!

It took me lots of practice but I had lots of fun laughing at myself trying to do it! 

Don't forget to send Miss Hall your results!

Good Luck!


Who has taken on Jo's challenge?

Documents you may need.

File icon: doc T-N-4357-1cm-Squared-Editable-Paper [doc 37KB] Click to download
File icon: pdf t-t-1103-plants-and-flowers-hunt-sheet- ver 5 [pdf 1MB] Click to download
File icon: pdf t2-e-2535-life-cycle-of-a-plant-handwriting-poem ver 7 [pdf 739KB] Click to download
File icon: pdf Class insect data complete [pdf 225KB] Click to download