How to use the RadioBlog site.

How to use the RadioBlog site.

Check out the link below for an instructional video by Miss Hall to help you use the literacy blogsite. The video can also be found and watched on Oak and Willow classes pages.


This week we are going to use the excellent online blog session run by Pie Corbett. Follow the link below and tune in at 9:30 every week day. There are activities that you can join in with every day. All our teachers, including Miss Hall, are joining in every day. You need to click the tab saying 'todays lesson' and the radio blog show will tell you which activity we are working on each day. Make sure you write our schools tag "Stone with Woodford school" and we can see eachothers work. I will be able to comment on your writing and see how your ideas are growing. You can even comment on mine! Make sure you write your name in your title and we know who's is who's!

If you want to view the work others have done, you scroll down the home page until you find our yellow tag and you can see what work has already been done! Make sure to check back later in the day and see the comments on your work.

If you miss the live show, you can listen again from the archive tab which has the tasks too!

If you missed it on Friday, you can listen out for Vashti Hardy the author of Brightstorm!


This week we will be using the online home learning lessons created by White Rose Maths. These will closely follow the scheme of work we have been learning and will build on a range of skills. 

IMPORTANT: The link below will automatically take you to week 2 - please refer to the resources for WEEK ONE as I have had a chance to thoroughly review them for the kids. Thank you.

Year 3 and Year 4 have different learning so make sure you click on the correct year group. Each day has a learning video and then an activity for you to use. You DO NOT need to print this, you can put the questions on your computer screen and answer in your books. There are answer sheets as well for you to use. This week we will follow along to allow us to revise some of the things we have covered.

Day Year 3 Year 4
Monday Lesson 1 Lesson 1
Tuesday Lesson 2 Lesson 2
Wednesday Lesson 3 Lesson 3
Thursday Lesson 4 Lesson 4
Friday Lesson 5 Lesson 5

If you find something that you find challenging then please email if you need an extra practice or support.


I will also be setting SumDog challenges for the week and a mini test to complete at the end of the week that ties in with the maths lessons you have done. This will not go live until Friday.

Topic - You and your bones!

Task 1

Research the three roles the skeleton has in your body. See if you can remember what they are before you look it up. There is a link to some videos below that you can use to help you. See if you can identify the different roles your skeleton plays when you different tasks during the day.


Task 2

See how many bones in your skeleton you can name and label. There are lots of ways you could do this! You could have a family member draw around your body if you have any left over wrapping paper or wallpaper, you could draw your own person outline in your book or on paper or you might even try making a skeleton by cutting out the different bones and building your own mini skeleton! 

However you want to build and label your skeleton is great! Just make sure you label the bones carefully and you check your spellings! 

Task 3

Find out what you need to do to keep your skeleton healthy. You might think about your diet, how they grow or how we help them should they become injured.

You could show your learning through a letter, a poster, a fact sheet or even a leaflet! Show us what you have learnt in whichever way you would like.