Boy at the Back of the Class

I have now finished reading the whole book aloud for you. Chapters 21-26 are available for you to listen to on YouTube. Follow the link on the storytime tab in Home School Activities.

NEW: Chapter 3 of The Day we met the Queen, by Onjali Q Rauf


WRITING: Pie and his radio gang are continuing to broadcast their fast moving, action and writing packed radioblog over the Easter holidays. So please tune in live at 9:30am or later on catch-up, at and take part for a few days over the Easter break. DO HAVE A READ OF ALL THE BLOG POSTS SO FAR-GO TO THE CHILDREN'S WORK TAB AND OPEN THE POWERPOINT.

READING AND STORIES: Relax and enjoy yourself with a book or 2 or 3 this Easter. Try to keep up with your daily reading- or at least 5 times each week.

If you've not yet listened to chapters 21-26 of The Boy at the Back of the Class, by Onjali q Rauf, then you can find me reading them using the storytime tab. I have also begun reading the World Book Day short sequel, The Day we Met the Queen!


[Scroll down to download 25 topical Spring Maths problems. No need to print them out- just read them on your screen and answer them in your books]

Plus, here are 3 Easter Maths Activities: Activity 1 – Chocolate Shapes

Holly cannot eat any chocolates from her favourite selection box because she has given up chocolate for Lent.

Instead of eating them, she decides to do an investigation.

These are the shapes of the chocolates she has in her box (sides marked x are the same length) and each colour represents a different shape:


Using the picture above, answer these questions:

  1. How many different ways can you use the chocolates to make a rectangle?
  2. Can you make a rhombus?
  3. Can you make a parallelogram?
  4. Can you make a regular hexagon?
  5. How many different triangles can you make?

Easter Maths Activity 2 – Coffee Calculations

Each day, Mr Jackson drinks 3 cups of instant coffee at home, and twice a week he buys coffee from his local coffee shop

  • A UK coffee shop sells coffee for £2.75 per cup.
  • A 200g jar of instant coffee costs £4.60.
  • 1.8g makes 1 cup of coffee.

Using the information above, read and answer the questions below:

  1. How much money could Mr Jackson save if he gives up coffee for Lent? Round amounts of money to the nearest penny.
  2. How much money would he save if he gave up just the coffee he buys from his local shop?

Easter Maths Activity 3 – Bunny Bonanza

150 baby rabbits have been born at farmer Jones’ farm this Easter. She won’t have room to keep them all on her farm once they are grown up, so she has to give some away to caring homes that would like a bunny as a pet!

Using the information above, read and answer the questions below:

  1. If farmer Jones gives away two thirds of the 150 rabbits, how many will she have left?
  2. If farmer Jones managers to give away 97 of the rabbits, how many will she have left?
  3. Farmer Jones wants to charge people £1.50 to take a pet rabbit home with them. She is going to give this money to a Rabbit charity and manages to sell all of the rabbits. How much money has she raised for the rabbit charity?


Make an Easter bonnet. 

Because we won't be holding an Easter bonnet parade this year, we thought it might be fun to make them at home and through pictures that you send of them we could do a belated virtual Easter bonnet parade. Use whatever you have and be creative. Once you have finished take a photo of you and your family wearing them and send it to Ms Liddell at and she will try to upload them so that everyone can be part of a belated Easter bonnet parade.

Maths problem solving resources 

Remember,  if you need to save on your printing- no need to print these problems out- just read them on your screen and answer them in your books.

File icon: pdf Topical Maths problems for spring time [pdf 3MB] Click to download