Week One

In our first session we constructed our own names and then made a model of ourselves!

Week 2

In our second session, we were testing out how force works on different structures.

We each had 20 bricks of lego and needed to drop them from the same height without them breaking. 

We started by designing what we thought would be the best structure and talked about why this was. 

Then we started making our prototype.

We tested our prototypes and realised maybe our first idea wouldn't withstand the height after all!

Trying again!

In our third and final try, we all realised that if the structure was secure and the bottom was wider then the force would be distributed. 

Week 3

This week we were focussing on the over-population of Lego Town. We worked out that the people of Lego Town could no longer build their houses outwards because of a lack of space. This meant we had to construct the tallest tower. 

What we didn't realise was that poor old Lego Town was often hit by earthquakes! This meant we had to think about how we structured our tower so that it was both the tallest AND the strongest. 

We planned out our strategy in our team. 

We started building our towers. Some of us widened the base, some of us just built up and up and up.

Some of our towers withstood the terrifying earthquake, however, some of ours definitely did not. 

Week Four

This week, we talked about ideation techniques. This means when you share your ideas with other people and see how they add or adapt to those ideas. 

We each built a monster, then when the music stopped we passed it round and added to someone elses. When we got our original monster back we were surprised with the changes that had been made, but excited to see how they had improved on our first idea. 

Week 5

This week, a flood hit Lego Town. This meant we had to build a bridge between the two land masses.

Week 6

This week, a poor, unfortunate frog was trapped inside a cave in Lego Town. The children had to find way to rescue him safely - especially since had a broken leg. 

Week 7

This week we designed and built a poor lego animal who had unfortunately been injured.

After we had made our animal, we built the machine or the medicine we needed to help to heal our animal. 

Week 8

Mazes were on the agenda this week. We had to think about dead ends, tunnels and entrances and exits. 

Week 9

We had some fun blindfold building this week!