Young Engineers in the making - Crazy K-nex Fun!!!

On October 19th, the years 5 and 6 had the wonderful opportunity to become engineers for the day. The STEM team came as part of the Young Engineers Challenge. Children learnt about the role of the engineers in our modern world and the impact they are having on our everyday lives. The children worked in groups on a challenge to make fairground rides out of K-nex that could be contolled by a computer programme that they had to devise. Motors were attached to these amazing creations which made them spin at a contolled speed and direction. On the computer, they added sound - music and voice - to these movements resulting in a miniature K-nex fairground in the classroom!

Not only did the children have to design, make and control their fair ground ride but they had to work as a team, evaluating what they had achieved, adapting their ideas to solve problems and debug the computer programme.

What a great day's work!