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What the Children Learn

We believe that all children are entitled to a broad and balanced curriculum. We consider it important that the academic and physical growth that occurs when they are with us at our School is mirrored by their moral, spiritual and aesthetic growth in preparation for secondary school, and the experiences, opportunities and responsibilities of adult life. This is achieved through the National Curriculum, religious education, extra-curricular activities and our school ethos.
We use a wide variety of teaching methods appropriate to the specific learning objectives. Teachers carefully plan lessons to cover the objectives of the National Curriculum. Lessons are structured to meet the needs of the children within their classes and the progress of each child is continually monitored and regularly recorded. Stone School is committed to understanding the needs of individual children whatever their ability. Staff work hard to identify needs and respond with appropriate additional support or challenge.
We place great importance on the role of first hand experience in securing learning consequently where-ever possible, will bring classroom work alive with practical activities, visitors and appropriate visits. We aim to include a residential experience for older pupils who benefit greatly by the challenge and opportunity to be away from home for a short while whilst still having the support of their friends and teachers they know well.

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We are presently updating our curriculum overviews. The National Curriculum has changed and is being rolled out from September 2014. Therefore the specific subject areas are under construction.